If you live in a part of the world which required a change to the clocks this weekend, then it may be worth checking all is well with your iOS devices because, according to isolated reports, some are once again struggling to behave as expected during the switchover.

We’ve been here plenty of times before, so we really shouldn’t be surprised. Even so, Apple’s inability to make something so simple work reliably is something we just can’t help but marvel at.

They can cram more pixels into a 10-inch tablet than we care to count, but ask Apple to make a phone do something that computers have been doing for years and it apparently gets stumped…

From what we are hearing, many people whose iOS devices should have jumped forward an hour last night actually seem to be doing something completely different. Instead of simply changing the time, it appears that iOS is often changing a user’s time zone, too. There are also reports of people in the US that are finding their devices change time, even though their particular state does not observe DST. It’s a mess, indeed.

With the UK set to change the clocks in the next couple of weeks, we are expecting a new raft of issues to crop up once again, but the question we find ourselves asking is this: why, at version 5.1, can Apple apparently not achieve something which is a given for everyone else?

C’mon Apple, let’s have this sorted for once and for all.


Did your iOS device behave itself this weekend?


  • Anonymous

    My new iPhone 4S on 5.0.1 I just got yesterday had the correct time I jail broke it it’s the best phone ever

  • Gus Me

    Woke up this morning and seen the time changed on the phone okay. About 1-2 hours later I looked again and it was wrong. I checked settings and it had me in Chicago TZ. I tried changing to correct zone but it would not let me. I had to disable auto time setting and all is fine.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing happened to me. If you go to RESET NETWORK settings, it will correct itself. This way you can have auto time selected.

  • I have had the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and now iPhone 4S, and I have never ever had this issue. It must be a US thing because I am in Australia and have never had any problems.

  • My iPod Touch 4G seems to have transitioned through the DST change smoothly and I live in California, USA. I’ve never experienced any of these reported time issues through all the DST changes or even New Years.

  • I woke up before my alarm and decided to move it later by an hour. When I went to change it, the time had changes correctly already. But my alarm never went off and the clock had rolled back one hour because it changed my time zone to Chicago, and I’m in florida.

  • Anonymous

    worked just fine

  • My 4S and the wife’s 3GS changed just fine. But a guy I supervise at worked showed me his phone (felt like had to because he was an hour late!). He had the 4 and his time zone had changed. Should have been Chicago cus we’re in central time zone, but his showed Denver. He couldn’t change it without disabling the auto time set. Once he turned the auto set back on, went straight back to Denver time. Really weird. I’m on AT&T and he was with Verizon, but another co worked next to us had the iPhone 4 and Verizon also and no issues.

  • Don’t understand all the ins and outs of this OS 5.1. The one thing I do know is the time on my tablet and Mac are both correct. Smooth transition.

    • not time, alarms. read the article

      • Not alarms, time. Read the article.

      • Anonymous

        Your more interested in Incorrectly correcting everyone without reading the article yourself.

  • for me on my jailbroken 4s on 5.0.1 instead of jumping forward an hour, it went back an hour and auto set my timezone to chicago. i live near New York. i disabled auto-set and it went to the proper 3 oclock.

    my mac went to 3 oclock just fine though.

  • cruzcontrol1001

    It was probably the people that changed the location setting that was apart of the battery drainage mine do the same thing until I changed the deleting to original settings and then back all is fine here.

  • On my jailbroken 4S on 5.0.1 at 2am it rolled back to 1am and sometime while I was asleep it figured itself out.

    • not possible it is spring forward

      • Anonymous

        You just seem to go through postings just to be a ……

        Why is it not possible? Chill out guy.

  • Imahottguy

    My iPad1 5.0.1 Jailbroken had no issues. I was awake when it made the transition. I’ll check it again and see what Time Zone it thinks it is in.

  • Mine worked perfectly…. I think this is still people who never updated since last year.

  • I woke up this morning on time with an alarm set. I had completely forgot about DST until I looked at my other clocks. I feel like the people who have trouble with this are the morons who don’t have the feature turned on properly.

  • Dan

    I told Siri to wake me up this morning at 7:10 and everything went fine 🙂

  • It makes no mention of alarms you dweeb. Go back and read the article.

  • I don’t see any mention of alarms in the article.

  • Worked perfectly for me. I even watched last night as the iphone clock went frim 1:59 > 3:00

  • Jex

    Time change was never a problem… I traveled to US, European countries and now in Asia..

  • My iphone 4 (after restoring to 5.0.1 with iFaith) crashed last night (I think) and I woke up to it turned off…… Very odd..

  • I was late for a meeting because of this time zone mixup. I’m in new York and according to my iPhone I’m in california.

  • Here in Vancouver bc I just had the stupid alarm get all messed up, made me late for work just like last time

  • A week ago I got my iPhone 4G 32 gb and its fine until I try to install Spire: tool for installing Siri in old devIces lIke 3GS and 4G and it’s seems like working.and everything but since there 96% of my apps has stooped work even facebook and twitter and even games !!!!!!
    So I remove it !!!!!
    And now it’s normal again

  • Anonymous

    Lucky I have an alternative Alarm Clock to wake me up 😛

  • Anonymous

    No problem in MD on Jailbroken 4s.