Yes, you guessed it even before reading the end of the title. According to Electronista:

Apple now has the top-selling cellphone of any kind in Japan, IDC Japan determined late Thursday. The iPhone 4S launch helped Apple claim 26.6 percent of all cellphone shipments in the country this fall. It may have been the first non-Japanese company to top local ranks, ending a longstanding emphasis on local makers.

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    Thanks to the Japanese siri

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    And also guess what?

    “Its (iPhone last quarter) share slipped in France to 20 per cent from 29 per cent a year earlier, in Germany to 22 per cent from 27 per cent, with similar drops also seen in Italy and Spain.”


    “Google had market shares of between 46 and 61 per cent in all markets. Cellphone makers like Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, LG Ericsson and Motorola Mobility all use its Android platform in their phones.”

    I like to emphasize… ALL.

    Maybe it’s safe to say that Japanese are somehow interested on the Japanese Siri for now.. Let’s wait for 2012 market share, besides, with 2011 shares, iPhone is still far from 2nd place, specially from the 1st place..

    Now let the retaliation begins.. What have I done? lol!. ^^

    • I agree with u on google being on all those phones. What does that tell u? Takes all of them to compete with apples 1 phone

      • yeah but the galaxy s2 is better/comparable to the iphone. It’s the best selling android phone..lots of people just can’t afford it..still have over 20 million users don’t get me wrong it sold well but other people who can afford high end phones are blinded by the apple craze. I have an apple computer and its probably the best computer I have owned..but I don’t like the iphone it feels bricky and the cluttered look of a screen full of square boxes is not for me.

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        Well what can i say, we love choices, i got a 7.1mm razr, kevin owns an all popular phone, some got the nexus, we customized them to our hearts content in order to jive with our personality. How bout you 1 phone boys? 4 years and even your homescreens looks the same. How can you live with that? well you have wallpapers, but we have live wallpapers. ^^

  • So, it is talking about smartphone
    Sadly, I think many people in Japan are still using non-smartphone……

  • serious? japanese phone models are years ahead of development compared to rest of the world….when rest of the world was still thinking about fast speed internet on mobile, TV on mobile….they were already using it for years! so why would they like iphones? hahaha

    • This definitely was the case years ago, but Japanese cellphones aren’t keeping up at all now. The only advantage that Japanese phones have are FeliCa support (NFC which you can use to pay for train tickets, convenience stores, etc.) and 1Seg television support. However, they pretty much all use custom software with no way to install apps. Web browsers on Japanese phones are also very limited. 4G hasn’t really taken off here either.

      I’m actually surprised that the iPhone became the top selling smartphone in Japan just now. Even two years ago, it seemed like everyone was using iPhones here in Tokyo.

      • well we are getting nfc in north america with google wallet..I actually saw someone use there galaxy nexus to pay for a drink the other day. I’m also surprised it became one of the top selling phones..but after some more research I found that the Japanese carry Japanese phones along with their iphones.

  • its no wonder thanks from softbank marketing giving unlimited internet for iphone since they sell their first iPhone3G in japan…..

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    Am I the only one that even as an iPhone owner/enthusiast doesn’t give a damn about which is the top selling smartphone in Japan?

    Jeez, iDB.