Yesterday, Apple announced its new iPad and Apple TV at a media event in California. Later that afternoon, both products went up for pre-order on Apple’s Online Store. Apple said at the time both products would begin shipping to customers on March 16th. However, due to the excitement over both products, shipping times for both the Apple TV and iPad have slipped, as noted by 9to5mac.

Some models of the iPad have slipped back to March 19th, while the Apple TV has slipped back even further — now delivering in roughly “1 -2 weeks” for customers that are just pre-ordering…

The white 16GB and 64GB AT&T LTE models of the new iPad now have a delivery date of March 19, while all other models of the iPad remain at March 16th. However, we expect Apple’s supplies to continue slipping as more people begin pre-ordering Apple’s latest tablet.

On the iPad’s launch day, you might get lucky by grabbing the few iPads Apple Stores have to sell, that haven’t been pre-ordered by customers. If shipping times get so rough here in the next few days, this might be your best option.

So what’s so special about the new iPad? Announced by Tim Cook on stage yesterday, the new iPad features an all new Retina display, dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics, upgraded cameras, larger battery, LTE and more RAM. As for the new Apple TV, it’s still priced at $99, featuring 1080p playback and an updated UI.

Worldwide, shipping times for the iPad are also beginning to slip. The iPad is completely sold out in Germany’s online store and shipping times have moved to March 22nd.

As the excitement for the new iPad continues, we expect Apple to continue running out of supplies, like they did with the iPhone 4S. If you got your pre-order in yesterday, you should be good for receiving the new products on March 16th.

Have you pre-ordered the new iPad  yet?

  • i Pre-ordered my White 32GB ATT LTE last night. Couldn’t risk it being pushed back 1 – 2 weeks! haha

    • gotta play it safe! What made you choose AT&T?

      • In my area, they’ve never let me down. I always have awesome service and fast data here, plus I already have 3 cell phones with them. Don’t get me wrong; I used to have Verizon service back in the day and they NEVER let me down either. From what they said in the keynote they are both the exact same thing so taking them over seas makes no different. I would check the coverage map and see what may work best for you!

        Even though I am an AT&T employee at a local call center, it didn’t affect my decision at all. 😉
        I wonder if discounts on the data plans are available! Lol

  • Wait mine says deliver on march 16th not ship. Does that mean it will be delivered on that day?

    • Thats also what i was wondering! I want mine ASAP so i pre ordered it last night. I thought it would come a few days earlier, because when the Verizon iPhone came out, some people who pre-ordered it got it a few days before it was released.

      • I’ve heard of items being about one day early before. Hopefully it continues! Nonetheless, if it says delivered March 16th, you should expect it in that date I would assume.

  • Anonymous

    Also, Black ATT 64 GB has slipped too