While the third-generation Apple TV was rumored to have a dual-core A5X processor, the new media streaming device was announced with a different processor this afternoon. The new Apple TV, which features 1080p playback, actually packs an A5 processor underneath.

However despite what you might think, this isn’t the A5 processor that Apple has included in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S

The A5 processor included in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is a dual-core processor, while the A5 processor included in the new Apple TV is a new single-core processor. Apple didn’t mention the new processor on-stage.

In comparison, the second-generation Apple TV features the A4 processor.

The tech specs page for the new Apple TV reveals its new processor. It’s unclear if Apple plans to include the processor in future devices. But if I had to guess, I’d say this processor is Apple TV exclusive, giving it just enough power to do its job and keeping the 1080p graphics going.

Despite legal battles with Apple, Samsung is the manufacturer of the A5 processor. The processor is made in a factory in the heart of Texas. AppleInsider explains how the A5 processor works:

The processor is a package-on-package (PoP) system-on-chip (SoC) which stacks a dual-core ARM Cortex-9 CPU, dual-core PowerVR GPU and memory along with other computing assets into a small package.

It’s interesting that Apple didn’t include the A5X processor in the new Apple TV. They presumably left it out to make the device cheaper to develop, because in reality, it seems the single-core A5 will still get the job done.

The new Apple TV also features an updated interface, which we showed off on video earlier this afternoon. The new interface actually looks pretty sleek.

Will you be purchasing the new Apple TV at $99, on March 17th?

  • Na, 720p is fine for me. But the apple store online was down all day from people try to preorder one. Almost couldn’t reserve my iPad.

  • Anonymous

    Jailbreak and I’ll be getting one.

  • No point of an apple tv in india…we still have 512kbps broadband…cant stream 240p without buffering…fr 1080p i wud hav to leave the tv open all nyt nd watch it in d mrng just to end up on buffering agn…SHAME…:|

    • Anonymous

      And i complaint about mexico’s Internet that woulnt let me watch YouTube at 480p…

      • i neva thot mexico was this bad too..:/

        m so jealous of these US guyz nd der broadband speed…lolz

      • José A. Gómez Coria

        Pues yo soy de México y con el internet de TELMEX de infinitum que están dando 12mbps no me puedo quejar de absolutamente nada!

      • Anonymous

        Pues se supone que el mío tambien es de 12mbps… Pero es un asco, no puedo hacer una descarga en iTunes por que se va el internet a cada rato… Netflixs cuando salió, no pide ver ni una serie por lo cortado que era “infinitum”

  • MrE

    MuscleNerd confirmed on Twitter that the new cheaper iPad 2 (aka iPad2,4) has the exact same processor as the new AppleTV (aka AppleTV3,1)

  • I was holding off on an Apple TV 2 until version 3 was confirmed or denied – but without something more, I’m still waiting. Put that $99 into more space instead. I want to see how well Air Play mirroring of games preforms. What I was really hoping for was an app store, so maybe if that comes in a software update…

  • Anonymous

    The a5x processor was held back so the next gen ATv can offer it and we can all be amazed at how awesome that is. I am so over Apple!! An hour after I jail broke my 4s after the JB was released I realized what fools Apple was making out of us. Giving little tidbits of upgrades when they can give us so much more. My fanboi days are done. We need to stop running out and dumping money into this company that is greedy as hell. This seriously is a cult!

  • without XBMC this shit not worth to buy….