The iPad A5X processor with quad core graphics was confirmed today at Apple’s new iPad media event.

When comparing to competitors Phile Schiller said: “The Apple A5 was already twice as fast. This is a graphics powerhouse.”

Seeing that the current A5 chip inside the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 is no slouch, it’s insane to think of how much horsepower is behind this chip. It should have no problem keeping the new Retina Display satisfied…

Look at those stats? Can you imagine playing Infinity Blade 3 on this thing?

Note: As stated in the headline, these are quad core graphics, meaning a quad core GPU. It’s still a dual core CPU.

  • Anonymous

    I read A5x and get sad. I read quad core and poop myself.

  • So is it a quad core only when graphics load is high? Or is it quad core all the time? Basically I’m asking if the GPU is quad core or the CPU. The presentation is a little fuzzy.

    • Anonymous

      Dual core CPU with quad core GPU

  • I think the guys at CNET said that the Ipad is better than the xbox 360 thanks to its new A5X chip… Is that true? :/