The folks over at iLounge seem to be on a roll today. Earlier we told you about the site’s report that Apple was working on some kind of “enhanced Smart Cover” for the iPad 3, and now it’s claiming to know new details about the next iPhone.

After what happened last year, we’re not sure anyone really knows what Apple has planned for its smartphone line. But iLounge is reporting that it has learned some interesting information regarding the iPhone 5 from a “repeatedly reliable source…”

Up to this point, all of the reports and evidence we’ve seen on the iPhone 5 have suggested that the handset will feature an aluminum back with a thinner, tapered profile. But iLounge is hearing different:

“Despite the well-established “aluminum-back iPhone 5″ rumors that have continued to circulate since the iPhone 4 was released, Apple is nonetheless continuing to experiment with glass and ceramic rear shells for a future iPhone model. The upshot is that the new design would look like the iPhone 4, but thinner, thanks to Corning’s stronger Gorilla Glass 2 and further reduction of internal components.”

The site goes on to say that its source also noted that a larger screen is still in the plans for the next iPhone, and, as we’ve heard in previous reports, Apple is looking to phase out its 30-pin Dock Connector in the near future.

It’s worth noting that iLounge posted a number of claims earlier this year regarding the iPad 3. And so far, they all seem to be materializing. So we have no reason to believe this report is off.

This means that the next iPhone could very well sport the same front and back glass panels that customers have been complaining about since the iPhone 4 debuted. Keep in mind, however, that Apple has been heavily experimenting with glass for years now. So we doubt we’d see glass casing again without significant improvements.

What do you think of a glass-backed iPhone 5?

  • 富春丽


    • Wth was this..??..:o…lolz…

      • Google translator : Glass back panel with great difficulty to break!

        The glass back panel is easily broken~lol

      • Kok Hean

        That’s why you should never trust Google Translate.

        玻璃背面板 = (The) glass back panel
        好容易破哦~ = (is) so easily broken~

    • Please write in english, so that we all can understand what is being said.

      Eller så kan jag börja skriva på svenska, så att ingen fattar någonting.

  • A glass panel WILL be awesome WHEN they get it right. But so far, its not great.

    • Joshua Rawlings

      why not so great? I think the iPhone 4/4s is one of the best looking phones ever put on the market. I have used my current iPhone 4 as my daily work horse for over a year and a half (the longest time I have ever had just 1 phone) and it still looks close to mint. I have dropped it on the cement at Giants Stadium and has taken plenty of spills along the way. All with never having a case / bumper ever on the thing.

      The glass used on the i4 compared to the plastic back of the 3G and 3Gs is head and shoulders better because after about a year of use there were discernible scratches on it.

      • I too have had this phone the longest in my trail of smart-phones! Great looking and feels right in my hand. I’ve dropped it more times than I care to count with only a screen protector on the back. I look forward to a larger screen and thinner, hell I barely feel in now in my back pocket when I sit down.

  • I love the glass back. To be honest, after the initial disappointment of the announcement of the 4S I was a kinda happy that they kept the iPhone 4 design.

    Still the best looking smartphone I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you Apple for only having one piece of plastic on the 4 and 4S (home button) and everything else beautiful.

    Something about the way the plastic creaks on android and windows phones seems like it’s a cereal box toy.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t all “creak” as you put it but they do allow for a level of customisation only Apple users can dream of and i’m not talking about rooting. I recently sold my iPhone 4 and now have an Xperia Ray and it is imo the best handset running Android, aesthetically and hardware for the size.

      I’ll tell you something though, I don’t miss having to jailbreak my device, install a dozen tweaks and adjust endless settings to get it to look how I like it, not when all I have to do on Android is install another launcher that lets me do all of what I want for free and with no rooting required. I still have an iPod Touch but the thing i’ve always hated about Apple is their lack of anything in the way of customisation, I can change my wallpaper and that’s it, wow, thanks Apple for letting me do that.

      • Any customization on an android phone is not any better than Cydia tweaks and themes. With Cydia you have a community of millions who love their phone as much as the next and work together to develop things that make our phones that much greater than they already are. And with universal support for realistically only 3 phone models it’s a lot easier to get things developed and quicker compared to android where it has countless number of screen sizes and resolutions and operating systems. The support for year old android phones get out on the back burner as soon as Samsung/HTC poop out 14 more “plastic” headsets.

        As for the glass hardware, I never use a case and I own a couple back glass panels in different colors that look and have the same markings as if apple made them. When they come at $15 a piece and include the star shaped screw driver, it’s a 5 “customization”.

      • So basically you are saying ur xperia ray is better then iPhone 4….r u out f ur mind or wot..??…
        3gs was launchd 3 yrs earlier but it still runs apple latest os, x10 was launched 2 yrs earlier nd sony forgot all its buyers.
        i had d x10 bcoz f d screen size but i can state one fact. NO COMPANY CARES ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS THE WAY APPLE DOES.

  • They are already on iphone 5 rumours. I just finished reading about ipad 3. One thing i know rumours this early are rubbish. One thing for sure whatever processor we get in ipad 3 will go in the iphone 5. Glass is nice, but its time for change. I’m not paying for the same crap every year.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, glass may have looked good but it was a terrible idea to have it front and back, especially with no bezel to at least protect it a bit. If the new iPhone has glass front and back I for one won’t be buying it, if it does it can’t possibly be a drastic re-design from the 4 and 4S and it needs that big time with it being the only handset.

  • Anonymous

    I love the glass in the iPhone 4 / 4S! It gives it a premium look and feeling. Plastic looks so cheap!

    • Glass is great because it does not only look good but can slide in and out of the pocket easily.

    • True that…d glass geels so premium..every other phone is so PLASTICY…spcly d samsung ones…
      May b dey r making good handsets but their designs r so eww types.
      a $100 galaxy Y looks exactly d same as galaxy s2…even d note is also like dat only…cheap plastic…