Magic performance artist Simon Pierro reviews the iPad 3 in his own way…

  • ron-mcse

    That is really good, at first I thought camera tricks, but if you watch his other vids you see it is not. The beer app I am thinking he has a line in his right hand and when he pulls the handle he connects and disconnects it. The balloon, I am thinking the “Special charging cable” is a very stiff cable??? A very good iMagician!

  • Siv

    Haha, pretty cool. I wonder how he did the ‘beer trick’…

    • David Villamizar

      You can see the hose coming from his elbow when he releases the faucet

  • Really, really nice!

  • David Villamizar

    I wonder if he indeed jailbroke his ipad to access the fake siri app through the home button?

  • Camera tricks or whatever the real important thing is we acknowledge virtue of entertainment

  • Anonymous

    I bet his iPad is jailbroken!