We know you’re a devoted iOS user, but isn’t it always interesting to know what goes on up in Redmond? Microsoft just released its consumer preview of Windows 8, which is designed around tablets. The lingering question of course is how it compares to the iPad. Microsoft’s tablets haven’t really succeeded in the past, so it will be interesting to see if Microsoft got it this time.

The Verge is ready to answer the question on our mind and has compared the iPad 2 to a Windows 8 tablet on video. The new Metro UI actually doesn’t look too shabby…

In the video you can see Windows 8 consumer preview against the most popular tablet, the iPad 2. The Verge goes through basic gestures on the iPad’s home screen, like the basic 4 finger pinch, while showing Windows 8 is a little more gesture focused.

Perhaps having a leg up on the iPad 2, Windows 8 features a new type of multitasking with side-by-side apps. While the gesture to get multitasking working looks a little confusing at first, once you get the hang of it, it looks pretty cool.

Going for uniformity, Windows 8 follows Windows Phone’s UI, having ‘live tiles’ on the home screen. The ’tiles’ let you launch apps that are pre-loaded with the device and downloaded from the Windows Marketplace. In the video below, you’ll notice things seem to be pretty smooth. The browser for instance seemed quick to load, but had a few missing items — like the ability to save images.

While it most likely won’t pass Apple’s iPad in marketshare anytime soon, what Microsoft has so far looks pretty nice. Microsoft seems to understand the importance of UI and the effect it has on users. And it’s worth noting that this is the consumer preview and more updates are likely to come.

What do you think of Microsoft’s new tablet operating system?

[The Verge]

  • Anonymous

    let the suit fest begin

  • Anonymous

    Would always buy and Windows Phone / Windows 8 Tablet over Android powered devices…

  • Anonymous

    Like it. A Lot!

  • Personally i like the windows 8 Tablet better than the iPad but nothing will replace my iPhone. Anyone know what tablet he is running that on?

  • Anonymous

    Whoa Microsoft THAT’S ONE BIG ASS SCREEN. Windows it is…

  • Anonymous

    I really appreciate the lack of bias here. Thanks Jake!

    • I’m hoping that’s sarcasm…

      • While Josh seemed a bit bias in the video, did I really portray being bias in my post? I was trying to stay away from that. Sorry Ben!

  • I SWEAR this guy is biased.. iPad had a better scrolling and he said Win 8 has better

    • agree

    • Considering its beta software, that’s pretty damn impressive.

      • He was being biased about other things too
        What he basically was saying is that Windows 8 tab is better than the iPad and then to not make it seem biased he says but iPad has simplicity

      • emal bazger

        He said alright, tablet is way cool.

  • Wow this shows how heavy the competition is getting 🙂 I can’t wait for the future of tablets. They will take over laptops I believe. Also the multitasking on the W8 tablet is amazing I love the sidebar. I want to have one for like a week and then sell it for an iPad to have forever lol

    • Only computer noobs will like to use tablet. PC techies, gamers, producers will always use computer because of the openness. I personally would prefer a computer over a tablet.

    • u can download “Deck Preview”, as ur side baar tool,,, it nice!

  • Siv

    What Windows tablet is that?

  • One word, Frankly.

  • can you tell he doesn’t care for apple.i still think apple is easier to navigate more user friendly

  • Anonymous

    The Metro interface seems good, fast and smooth, which is IMHO the minimum necessary to be considered as a serious threat to iOS. Android UI is sluggish and pretty much a slightly modified version of iOS.

    MS, this time, made something different and, jugging by the video, seems to be developing a great tablet OS, that could be eventually considered the FIRST REAL alternative to iOS tablet “way of life”.
    AND, summing up with the fact that this is Windows, if these tablets are able to run all the huge software already available to this OS (probably this will occur on tablets based on Intel Atom SoC, not for the Windows tablet ARM flavors), this can be a heavy weight fighter in the area.

    Good, specially after seeing that awful and disrespectful behavior that Google is showing lately, with no respect at all about personal privacy. After that, I am really avoiding any Google thing…

  • i bett that the windows tablet gets several times blue screen 😀

    • Anonymous


    • Must be a hardcore Apple fanboy. A BSOD usually happens when the CONSUMER doesn’t download correct drivers, or doesn’t update his drivers. It’s not Microsoft’s fault. Stop being a fanboy/ignorant.

      • Dumboo, its not about fanboy! thats a joke! n u r joked!! 😛
        and im not an apple fanboy! 😛

  • I’m not sure he understands what intuitive means, so not exactly the most ideal person to publish a video review comparing the two tablets. For those who don’t know or disagree; intuitive basically means instinctive, however if you watch it back the actions he showed were not intuitive at all. Although he didn’t like the iPad gestures, they were certainly more logical than the Windows gestures and therefore more intuitive. He also shuts out the iPad in browser comparison; boasting the Windows 8 scroll and zoom performance despite it being better on the iPad (Youtube for evidence). “Even compared to the iPad, it feels stripped down”, that comment was just many of the clearly bias points of his review. The image saving was the most amusing for me; stating it was “fairly simple” on the iPad despite it being incredibly easy and (ironically) intuitive. Simplicity is the key to intuition, don’t listen to him, he’s an idiot… Case closed.

  • Windows 8 looks sweet, and will get one when they are available, however I do hope a company comes out with a nice form factor for it. The bulky, brick look does not do it for me.

  • Wow, the guy from the vid is definitly biased. He’s ckearly kind of bored and done with iOS. He just likes shiny new things. And he loves to throw around “intuitive” and “stripped down” without knowing the meaning. And how can you take someone serious who thinks four fingered gestures are to cumbersome?

    I’m actually quite interested in win 8 as a platform, even considering picking one up, but not because of that guy.

    One thing that might nag me a little is how appswitching seems to make things jump into the screen instantly compared to all the fluid fade ins and outs and all the delicious smooth animations that make iOS feel so natural.

    • Anonymous

      If you knew Josh from The Verge (formerly chief editor at Engadget) you’d know what crap it is to suggested he’s biased. He does all his work on Macs, loves a lot about iOS, and if anything is accused of Apple Bias all the time!

      • If he’s called biased regardless of the product than he should objectify his reviews more.

      • Anonymous

        Any technical reviewer is constantly accused of bias! It goes with the job. Just ask any of the writers here. It doesn’t matter how objective you are, people will always accuse you of bias if they simply don’t like what you have to say. Particularly if a reviewer is saying bad things about a product or operating system you personally own. Josh gets accused of bias by Linux and Windows fanboys just because he uses a MacBook Pro as his preferred computer! That kind of bias accusation doest even make any sense.

        I think Josh’s comparison was extremely fair. He points out pluses and minuses to both platforms. If anyone cant see how advanced Win8 is compared to the aging old “icon grid” of iOS then they are clearly living in the past, or are too obsessively in love with Apple.

        I love my iPad2 and I’ll probably be getting an iPad3 as well, but after playing with the Win8 consumer preview over the last couple of days, iOS feels very dated in comparison (which is to be expected – it is several years older after all!). I’d say iOS is starting to feel dated primarily because none of the apps communicate with each other (apart from the “open in” command), there is no app info displayed out of an app (like Windows Live Tiles for example) and you don’t have the same slick and easy gesture commands that Josh demonstrates in the video. Having said that there’s still tons lacking in Win8. Like not even being able to save an image from the web!

        I’d still prefer an iPad at this stage, because its such a solid platform, with a massive library of quality apps available (Win8 has a long way to go to attract the same level of developer support that iOS enjoys). However, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the huge steps forward that Windows8 is making with its all-digital UI design. Same goes with Android or any other platform for that matter. None of them are perfect and all have strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes the world of tech gadgets so much fun to follow. Its competitive as hell! 🙂

        A true unbiased geek with a love for technology would never align themselves with a single brand to defend. They have a word for that – Fanboy.

  • Not to mention how he wrote off his unability to save images on the win 8 tablet to be “no big deal” he should have been objective, it meant that it was either unintuitive or an awful oversight that needs an update asap. I don’t know about him, but being able to save pictures is a pretty damn basic and essential deal for me.

    • It’s beta software bro.

    • It isn’t a big deal, considering this is the first PUBLIC PREVIEW RELEASE if the software, and is yet to hit beta. You can download it from microsoft today, as it is public but it is far from perfect yet. (as the video states), though it does a pretty damn good job so far.

      • Granted, but in that case he could’ve stressed that a bit more.

  • Regardless. The video portrays him as a guy who is bored/isn’t impressed with iOS.

    ‘iPad has pretty basic operation…’
    ‘Pretty straightforward… pretty straightforward…’
    ‘You’ve probably seen it before…’
    ‘That’s about it for gestures. ON THE OTHER HAND…’
    ‘Not that intuitive, its cumbersome’

    I think Win looks sweet. Some rather cool features. I would probably have that same enthusiasm as well. But he comes across as biased.

    This is going to give Apple more of a run for it’s money in the tablet market than Android ever could. Apple’s iOS/App Store/iTunes Store ecosystem is going to be a serious pain in the ass to compete with at this stage in the game though.

    • Anonymous

      C’mon Apple fanboys….of course it is natural to say things like ‘You’ve probably seen it before…’ and not show surprise when using iPad.

      iOS is out since 2007 and iPad, since 2010.

      So, what’s the big deal? He should show surprise using iPad 2 as a brand-new-never-ever-released product? He is showing this boredom probably because he does this gestures every day, dozens of times….

    • Well, you are showing examples from one point of view. Did you at least count how many times he said that iPad was better at something?

    • Thank you, my sentiments exactly, which counte double for the statement about win 8

  • Anonymous

    5:26 – “These are just strangers, complete strangers, don’t know these people. Frankly I’m a little concerned”


  • is he getting a residual for everytime he uses the words “straight forward”?

  • Howard Ellacott

    Windows 8 on a desktop is disgusting though…

    • To be honest, I would rather have the icon view on a desktop. I do not like to have a Metro View there.

    • I’ve been using it on my desktop for a little while, as well as my x86 netbook, and it’s not too bad. Even with mouse, they did a pretty good job, but I would sure prefer it with a touch interface. The fact they removed the start button and replaced it with the metro equiv sorta sucks too. I am glad it works with my Windows 7 drivers too.

  • A lot of people think the ipad screen is too big, or big enough – Microsoft obviously thinks bigger is better? I’ll play with one in the store someday and see what I think.

  • Cloudi Windi

    No Command…!!

  • Wow, I am impressed by Windows 8, but I could allso see in the video that, it kinda lacked one or some functions that IPad has? Well, I am still happy to have an IPad myself, and as the guy in the video gave an impression that he was kinda “bored” by IOS, I am not 🙂 IPad changed my way of handling things just like my IPhone, and yes, I use windows 7 and if I could afford an Mac computer, I would buy it 🙂

    • emal bazger

      No buddy cares what you do what you buy what your intrested to, go and live your life!

  • There is four fingers swipe up to launch multitasking bar in iPad 2 iOS 5. Oh you missed that!

  • There is four fingers swipe up to launch multitasking bar in iPad 2 iOS 5. Oh you missed that!

  • So what? I’m only criticing this video. If Jeff here would pull out a video that I consider biased I’d call him on it just the same.

  • No matter how awesome other tablets are, my devotion to iOS will never end…..

  • I wish they would have separate OSs for the tablet and the desktop.

    • You don’t have to worry. The desktop is still there in all it’s glory minus the start button (it is on the side side-out metro panel now). The fact that it boots in under 8 seconds, even on my netbook is sorta neat too.

      Go give it a go.. the preview is free to download and will not expire until Jan 23 (ish), 2013. Toss it in a VM (virtualbox, or vmware) and you can get a first hand feel to where they are headed. It’s not all bad, and I first thought the metro interface sucked, and still dislike it today, but I do see it’s uses now – even on a desktop.

      • Howard Ellacott

        For me it’s very similar to the launchpad in lion, with the taskbar being a dock. Only problem is, it’s not as good.