This year, the MLB is doing things a bit different with the way its viewers can watch games on their mobile devices. Today, the new MLB At Bat 2012 app hit the App Store, available on both the iPhone and iPad, Fox News notes. In previous years, the cost was $15 for each app — which totaled $30 for a viewer who wanted the experience on both the iPhone and iPad.

The new version of MLB At Bat is now available for free, but you can get more features with a $15 season pass…

For $15, customers get live game day audio of all of their favorite teams, pitch tracking, and play-by-play updates. The plan also gives you the ability to watch live video for one game a day — one that the MLB selects. It is available within the app, via in-app purchase.

However, if you’re a subscriber to the $125 MLB.TV program, you can watch any game you want. Plus with the $125 subscription, you can also watch MLB.TV on your Apple TV, through the pre-loaded app. There are some games that are blacked out in some regions, though.

Launching later this season, the MLB will also introduce location specific apps for when you actually go see a game live. The location specific apps will provide parking information, social integration, and more.

The MLB At Bat 2012 services kick off March 3rd when spring training begins. The app is now available on the App Store for free, with the $15 in-app purchase available. For a baseball fan, it sounds like a great deal.

Who are you rooting for this season?

  • In-app purchases now? blah…PASS

    • Anonymous

      This makes a difference how exactly if you purchased it in the past?

  • “There are some games that are blacked out in some regions, though.”

    Let me explain the severity of this statement. A game is blacked out if either of the teams are in your “local” area. In some cases, the team can be 400 miles away (not an exaggeration) and not available on a local channel at all. Some people are blacked out of 40% of the games because they are on the east coast and the teams are more condensed.

    I want to pay MLB to watch my team on my phone, but they won’t let me. It’s stupid and it’s been this way for years.

    • rob ramsdaro

      Baseball fanatic. Have the $125 pack so don’t need to spend the $15.
      Toronto blue jays are my team.
      Texas Anaheim Oakland and usual Boston and the yankees will be the top teams.
      Get a location faker. Used it for most of last year. Don’t know if they have updated for ios5 yet.

      • I know you can use a proxy, but that’s flaky and you shouldn’t have to use one.

    • Anonymous

      They do the same thing for the NHL it sucks there needs to be a change

  • Great app! Not much baseball news in Holland, personal supporting the Rays!!