It turns out that there are more things being announced at Mobile World Congress than just hundreds of new cookie-cutter Android phones, and some of them are even pretty interesting. Some of those are iPhone accessories, with one in particular catching our eye.

The AudiOffice dock from Invoxia not only looks absolutely gorgeous, but it also fulfills a real purpose, especially if you’re a business type who finds themselves tethered to their desk.

What the AudiOffice offers is actually pretty simple: it turns an iPhone or iPad into a desktop office phone, complete with corded handset and speakerphone options…

The best way to understand what the AudiOffice offers is to watch the promotional video that is being pushed by Invoxia right now. If you can get beyond the hopelessly modern-looking creative types in the ad itself, the AudiOffice comes across exceedingly well. In fact, we very much want one!

The reason we probably won’t have one though, is the hefty price tag. Invoxia expects people, or more likely, businesses, to pay a whopping $299 per unit. The AudiOffice isn’t without its positives though, and the opportunity to kill landlines and use iPhones as conferencing tools may prove a big draw for some.

At that price though, this thing needs to offer something more than just the “cool factor.”

It really is cool though, isn’t it?


  • Cloudi Windi

    Great Job, keep going.

  • I like it! I would love to have this on my desk, but at that price, it’s a bit much.

  • For that price, it should have been a cordless phone!

  • Dan

    that wired receiver looks pretty stupid

  • Which office doesn’t already have landline phoneS that they’re going to need this? Stupid product made for stupid rich people.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like they all have some kind of pompous ascot knockoff scarves on. Funny.

  • Anonymous

    If it was half the price, I would be more tempted to buy it.

  • The people at Invoxia must have smoked some really good Sensomilia when they come up with this brain dead docking station. I bet almost everyone lacking the cord to the their phone.

    • it’s sinsemilla. (sin means without, and semilla means seed)