That’s right Marvel fans, it looks like you will soon be able t0 download your favorite Marvel content through Apple’s iBookstore. The comic book-creator announced today that it would be bringing more than 80 of its graphic novels to the iOS book market.

Of course, you can already access Marvel’s work through its standalone application. But this move will make the content, which includes popular Spiderman, Avengers, and X-Men titles, available to a much wider audience…

Considering that iOS 5 automatically prompts users to install iBookstore on launch, you have to imagine that the app’s user base is fairly large. Not to mention that Apple announced last month that iBook downloads were approaching the 200 million mark.

So this looks like a smart move by Marvel. And if you can’t wait to get your hands on some of the company’s classic comic content, you can download the New Avengers Vol 1: Breakout from the iBookstore now.

Now, who’s excited to flip through Marvel content in iBooks?

[The Loop via TheNextWeb]

  • Luis Finke

    i want to be able to have comic book subscriptions from the ibookstore. ive been reading the sonic the hedgehog comics for a while now, and i want to be able to subscribe from the ibookstore

  • I was thinking, is there an app for us to read ibooks or pdf or other docs over the air without syncing from our computer? Reading like how Air Video does for videos

  • Dan

    I stopped reading superman comics over 12 years ago, but I find this would be a good idea. If they are cheaper than actual paper editions (4$ now?), I might pick up a superman or two 🙂