By now, most of you have heard about the Proview vs. Apple lawsuit. The Chinese monitor-maker, who is currently in steep financial trouble, is suing Apple over the use of its iPad trademark in China.

Even though some judges have already ruled in Proview’s favor, Apple is denying the allegations. The company claims that it purchased the rights to the iPad name years ago, and has emails to prove it. Now hear what Proview has to say…

This morning, Proview issued a press release announcing that it has amended its original lawsuit against Apple with the addition of these new charges: intentional misrepresentation, fraud by concealment, fraudulent inducement, and unfair competition. Wow.

Here’s an excerpt from the release:

“The [amended] complaint provides evidence that the December 23, 2009 agreement that Proview Taiwan entered into was fraudulently induced by the concealment and suppression of material facts by Apple’s agents, and that, as a result, the 2009 agreement is void. Once the agreement is voided for fraud, the ipad trademarks in the European Union, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam will revert back to Proview Taiwan.”

So it sounds like Apple didn’t mention to Proview that it wanted the iPad name for a game-changing tablet device when it was negotiating for the trademark. So the company sold Apple the rights to the moniker for around $50,000.

That amount seems ridiculous now considering what the iPad means to Apple, and obviously Proview feels like it got burned. Now the company is asking Apple to fairly compensate it for the iPad trademark, and is demanding somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 million dollars (though we’ve heard numbers as high as $2 billion).

This new claim of fraud, although a bit of a stretch, could prove to be extremely damaging to Apple and its popular tablet line. If the court decides that Apple is guilty of fraud, then the iPad trademark would revert back to Proview in the aforementioned countries, and Apple would either have to pony up some serious cash, or completely rename its tablet.


  • Anonymous

    Folks, we now are a witness to Proview’s owner who back in 2009 was more than happy to “scam” Apple out of $50K – he thought Apple was crazy and out of their minds to pay them $50K which this nearly bankrupt organization was all too happy to take and spend!!!

    Apple in no way acted fraudulently – had the iPad tablet failed, would Proview have given Apple back the $50K??? I think NOT!!!

    Back in 2009 many companies including HP tried to roll out a tablet PC, all were dismal “successes” at the very best!!! I happen to own one of those HP Tablets – it was such crap with MS Vista, I wiped it and now run it with UBUNTU!!!!

    So, back in 2009, Apple was investing hundreds of millions of dollars – putting that at risk to try to have success where all others up until that time have FAILED!!!

    Don’t let this little man, this punk from Proview fool you!!! Apple took the risk!

    If the tablet was going to be so “successful” back in 2009, then why didn’t Proview (a maker of monitors) make their own Tablet??? What was the device they created that they branded with their “IPad” name on it??? Was it even one of their monitors? Or, maybe it was a mouse pad?

    • Totally agreed.. If proview can sue apple for fraud..
      The entire system of share market and real estate means nothing.
      If I buy an apple share for $200 and 1yr later if that becomes $2000 can the seller sue me??
      Same case with real estate. This is a totally stupid accusation

  • So in December of 2009, when the trademark was done, Apple had already made the iPod and the iPhone a household name, the company didn’t think that if Apple wanted a trademark called the iPad they couldn’t put 2 and 2 together?

    If this case isn’t thrown out there is something wrong, regardless of how something is sold, its sold. You can’t go back to a car dealer two years later and say you were mislead into buying the premium sports version when all you need was the entry level sedan. Some of the things lawsuits are made from really surprise me, there is no way apple could lose this.

  • If Proview wins this, I think I will never stop laughing.

  • Hatyrei

    Go Preview!

  • wheel of misfortune is turning.
    apple sued alot companies. now taste how it feels.

  • LOL wtf proview used to own the IPad not the iPad I not i I 🙂

  • DJ

    Do’y think Disney would have purchased all that land in Florida, if he’d have revealed his true intentions? No he wouldn’t,.

  • Wow… The part Were they say “unfair competition”, is like crying like a baby over what has been done… I mean, you sold the name, don’t go nagging later ’cause someone earned a lot of it! I mean, what would have been if something went BAD and the name ‘iPad’ was it (product or whatever)? Would Proview reconsider then?
    But anyway, even if IPad was named for ex galaxy tab or something else, people would still buy it no matter what other says 🙂 The product speaks by itself, and the clear choice becomes so obvious that you don’t even have to think about it! It just works for everyone 🙂