Wouldn’t it be neat to receive a banner notification once that huge app finishes downloading? What about a less intrusive banner notification when your device is running low on battery life?

Notificator is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that can do that and more. In total there are eight system events that can be customized with both banners and sound to keep you abreast of what’s happening on your device.

Take a look at our full video preview inside…

Notificator is still in development at the moment, but its creator tells me that it should be released on Cydia’s BigBoss repo by the end of the week for $0.99.

What do you think about Notificator? Does it look useful to you?

  • What I have to do to have IDB icon on the carrier name on my iPhone 4? Thank you and that tweak is awesome!

    • theres an add on for it in cydia you need to install zeplin also

  • When I saw the update i was thinking to myself that this would be pretty pointless, but after watching the video, it actually looks like it runs very smoothly and would be really handy for things like screenshots, installing applications etc

    It also adds a means of professionalism to the OS, good job on the tweak.

  • I much prefer the notification banners to the splash screen pop-up.
    I have “CallBar” installed and enjoy that immensely, along with the “iKnowIt” for the battery.
    I will be installing this when released!
    No doubt this will also be added to future iOS updates…

  • Install Zeppelin from Cydia, as well as the iDB package.
    Just search Zeppelin in Cydia.

  • Nice, I like the idea.

  • Anonymous


  • My Notification Center lags before opening.

  • Invasion of the banner tweaks. Gotta say, I love ’em! This one is the swiss army knife of banner notifications, only you know, without clippers. lol

  • Yes I’ll be getting this.

  • Jeff,

    Can you please post videos of actually released applications?

    I usually forget about unreleased applications and I end up not buying them.

    This is a cool tweak but I can’t get it now.

    • I like the fact that he does this… I love knowing what I’m going to get for example springtomize2 was shown on iDB well before it came out and also IntelliScreenX was shown when it was in beta testing. If you can’t remember that’s what bookmarks are for and also reading list is a neat feature of iOS5 where you can save a page to read it later.

  • does this support iOS 4.2.1++?

    • It should work only with iOS 5 because it uses the “new” notification system. Sorry.

  • yes this looks really good.

  • Does it convert phone calls into banners? I know CallBar does this, but I don’t like how call bar handles said functionality. This would be a no brainer if it handled phone calls – but in a way that is much more native feeling than CallBar.

    I’d like tap to answer and pulldown/push up to ignore – just like other apps. I don’t like this slide to do this and slide to do that and oh all these extra buttons come up. No. Just handle my in-coming calls like they were native banners.

    I’d pay top dollar for a tweak that did just that.

  • Please tell the developer to add ‘App is downloading’ Banner. Would be great with StayOpened = Just like Android

  • Hm… It’s this tweak come out yet @@?