As you may have heard, Adobe’s Photoshop Touch has been released officially for the iPad 2, and we’re happy to report that it looks very promising judging from our initial walkthrough.

This is definitely one of the, if not the deepest photo editing apps we’ve ever used on a tablet, and I think the majority of Adobe fans and Photoshop users in general will be pleasantly surprised with the interface and design.

Photoshop Touch is iPad 2 only, and can be purchased from the App Store for $9.99. Take a look and tell us what you think.

  • It seems that the iPad 1 was left behind!! I would love to have that app but i dont have an iPad 2!!

    • Dan

      I’m betting that with the upcoming iPad 3, the iPad 1 will be gradually left behind entetirely. Most likely the Ipad 2 will suffer the same fate as the year progresses:(

  • Next Update: Twitter Integration

  • No iPad1. That is so shit!

  • Amazing!! As i use a photoshop a lot, its totally worth buying. But i don’t (have/need) ipad. I’ll wait until it makes an entry on 4S. Until then i’ll stick to my laptop to use photoshop.

  • This def looks like something i will be using, and NO its shouldn’t have support for the iPad1 because the hardware simply cannot handle running this app without crashing. Really good looking app though! Awesome review!