iOS bugs and security flaws are taken seriously by not only customers, but also by Apple. There have been many that allow others to access your information, including contacts and pictures. Most recently, a bug was found that allows anyone to make a FaceTime call on your iOS device.

Today a new security flaw is brought to light by iPhone Islam, where anyone can make a call out and access your iPhone contacts despite any passcode you might have in place.

As shown on video:

To perform the hack, iPhone Islam says you need to have your phone in an area with no coverage, or you can simply take the SIM card out. Once their un-jailbroken iPhone 4 was searching for signal, they dragged a missed call notification to the center. After a few times trying to get the right timing, they were in.

Once the hack is completed, it gives anyone exposure to your contact list or the ability to make a phone call. Once inside, you can simply reinsert the SIM and make a call out. The hack is present in iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1.

We hope this is a security vulnerability that is addressed in Apple’s next iOS update, iOS 5.1, along with the FaceTime vulnerability. iOS 5.1 is currently in beta to Apple Developers and is rumored to launch on March 9th.

As commenter Scott Curry pointed out, for someone to perform this hack on your phone it would require them stealing it and them knowing how to perform it. Also, as you can tell in the video above, it can take quite a bit of patience. With that said, do these security vulnerabilities concern you?

  • Not really. This kind of hack means I would have to be unlucky enough to 1. have my phone stolen while it’s 99% in my possession and 2. have it stolen by someone who knows to go looking for this kind of thing and 3. that they have the patience to keep trying this…

    • My thoughts summed up ^

    • They’re just showing that a vulnerability exists so Apple can fix it in the next update..

    • Yeah’s cool that it was brought into the light..but impractical because Most people STILL think Jail breaking voids your warranty & I just SMH; cause they don’t have a CLUE…as to what it really is. Not to mention that most people don’t exactly look for this stuff like us dedicated apple folks..but..i’d never loose my or allow it to be stolen in the first place..BUT..i do hope they fix this in 5.1

  • Are you kidding me? You tried like a hundred times!

  • Anonymous

    i got so bored waiting i actually missed when it happened.

    • Ummmm did you just copy and paste my comment and change a few words (and remove capitalization)?

      • Anonymous

        f**k!!! no, the Disqus box is hard to use on the iphone at the best of times, it won’t let me edit easily never mind copying and pasting – which i honestly didnt do. i just read the article then comment without reading what others have written first. lesson learnt, sorry.

  • You people, who’re saying he tried a hundred times to get it to work, are so dumb.. He was trying to get it where it was equivalent to not having any coverage (which isnt the same as “SIM not installed”) and thats why he said It will be easier if you’re in a area with no coverage

    @Jake Smith you should add this to this article so people know

  • “After a few times trying to get the right timing, they were in.”
    You mean after 30 failed attempts?
    “…in a place with no network coverage.”
    And where in the world would that be?
    So if you lose your iPhone somewhere in a big city, the founder would have to swap SIM cards, call the iPhone to get that missed call notification and then go to a remote location with no network coverage just to be able to see your list of contacts and get only one attempt to call someone before it goes back to the lockscreen? You have got to be kidding me.

  • I’ve lost my iphone for the first time in my entire life. Actually believe it was stolen. I had a passcode on it, but they were some how able to call forward to a number that comes up as a hullomail # that others have commented about online #2132609302. I ended up suspending it after mobile me, find my phone kept showing it to be offline, which I guess was because they had put call forward on there.