It’s a dream come true for any Nintendo fanatic: Pokemon landing on the iTunes App Store. Looking on the App Store’s top-charts might make you believe the day has finally come, but hold tight before pressing that purchase button. It’s a fake.

An app called Pokemon Yellow priced at $0.99 appeared on the App Store over the weekend, quickly rising to number three on the top-paid charts. However, buyers quickly realized that the app wouldn’t even go past the title screen, or launch in some cases…

Many developers have made the questionable move of copying a game that is not theirs by throwing a custom paint job over it and throwing it on the App Store, but Pokemon Yellow comes no where close to doing it legally. In this case it looks like the developer, House of Anime, has taken several elements from Pokemon’s original creator, like screenshots.

So how did this app get into the App Store with Apple’s strict policies?

Apple has been known for missing a few apps and letting them slide into the App Store. In most cases Apple is quick to act, but that’s not always the case.

Earlier this month, Apple removed the fake ‘Temple Jump’ app, which impersonated the free popular Temple Run game people are raving about these days. After making some serious noise in the developer community, Apple was quick to respond.

Sorry Pokemon fans. Hopefully there is a day where you will be playing Pokemon to your heart’s content on your iPhone and iPad, but that day isn’t here yet.

Were you let down by this?


  • Just get an emulator from cydia and download the roms

    • Do you know of any emulators for the iphone 4s ive tried gpsphone and it wasnt stable

      • Anonymous

        I accidentally commented rather than reply to you. Read my comment above and it should help you out.

    • Cloudi Windi

      Yes, but for the iPhone 4s emulator don’t have sound.

  • This is so dirty, I hate these fake/worthless apps, they make the AppStore look like the Android Marketplace. Search the AppStore for the developer “Girl Girls Boy Boys” and see what I mean.

    • Anonymous

      More Android bashing, this just proves that the App Store is no better, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of shit apps in it, Apple seriously aren’t all that, to any1 other than fanboys that is.

    • Yeah they made fake copies of all the popular games.. Apple should ban that developer

  • Anonymous

    thank god for INSTALLOUS

  • Anonymous

    I saw this on top of the charts and was kind of excited but as soon as I saw the dev wasn’t Nintendo I knew it was fake. The one star rating didn’t help. Today I looked and it’s even higher on the chart with like 2000 ratings. I can’t believe Apple still has it out there and that it even made it through approval. But people do need to use a little common sense before buying an app.

    Just shows Nintendo is sitting on a gold mine if they start releasing games on iOS.

  • gemme my dollar back 🙁

  • Gameboy ADX Plus. It’s the smoothest Gameboy emulator from Cydia. I play Pokemon Yellow on it all the time 🙂

  • Apple REALLY needs a try before you buy in the app store.

  • Anonymous

    I have the 4s and GPSphone is outstanding. I play Pokemon all the time with it. Make sure you have a good ROM though, because when I first downloaded it, I had a bad ROM and it constantly crashed. 

    Ps. Make sure you download the bios after downloading GPSphone. 

  • this didn’t made my day. >.<

  • GBC.emu, i find the developer’s (rakashazi) emulators the best out of all emulators on ios.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t there also another one called Temple Gun or whatever? It looked fake too >~<

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Apple just removed it
    Too bad I wanted to see it working

  • Yep Temple Guns… fake app…

  • what emulators work on 4s????!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    People. While we are on the topic of emulators. I’d like to say to stop purchasing the SNES emulators from cydia. They are STOLEN code! They are just ports of snes9x which is free and open source. It is illegal to rerelease open source software, claiming its yours and then charging for it! Instead look for snes9x ex. It is a FREE (as it should be) port of snes9x. And it’s the official one. Not stolen like snes4iphone or SNES A.D.X.

  • Anonymous

    Why won’t Nintendo make their games for Apple devices in the US???

    (Oh, and iPokedex got pulled from App store few months ago. :/ )

  • sn0wbaLL

    Nintendo are you seeing this! Give us Nintendo games on the iOS.

    • i really don’t think they ll do dat, dey r neva gonna risk their 10 gameboys/month sale …Jk ;D

    • Anonymous

      Well ace attorney is coming out, and Ghost Trick is out ( both excellent games on the DS). But i dont think they will sell their marquee brands pokemon. Zelda, mario etc. because they will lose a lot of money from people buying less gameboys and from <13 dollar

  • Anonymous

    Apple needs to improve in their acceptance policy. Seeing this and many clones somehow make their way to the app store in the first place is a bit worrying.