If there is someone who knows how to milk the heck of a franchise, it’s the Rovio folks. After Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio, your favorite birds are now ready to conquer space in the upcoming edition of Angry Birds Space, to be released on March 22.

Besides this video trailer and the official teaser website, we don’t know anything about Angry Birds Space, except it’s probably going to be a massive hit again…

Personally, I’m a bit tired of Angry Birds, but I guess it’s just me as nothing seems to slow down the success of the most popular game in the App Store.

What do you think? Will you be buying the game once it hits the App Store next month?

  • I’m excited! I love angry birds and need some new levels to beat!!!!

  • Buying? most likely not, like you said they are #1 and in my opinion are just over doing the whole angry birds thing with pillows and such. I think this will be a “Freebie” 😉 for some if not most of us.

    • It’s most likely gonna be $0.99 bro why would anyone steal something less than a dollar?

  • Bored too
    3 different apps was enough

  • Nah. I got bored of Angry Birds. 3 of those were good enough already. Rovio, start making a new game instead of sticking with Angry Birds.

  • Anonymous

    Nope after angry birds. I didn’t even buy rio.

  • Personally i hate the game itself, I only planet for the achievements but I know I will get it just to have all the angry birds,never beaten any of them but for 99¢ why not get it… but these guys have a loooooong way to go before they get on capcoms level when it comes to milking the HELL out of a people and a specific game… STREET FIGHTER!!! Love te game, hate how every year it’s the same game with 6 new character and I STILL GET IT, Lmfao… They also did it with marvel vs capcom 3 and they’re going to do it to TEKKENxCAPCOM… I don’t think they angry birds franchise is going to be around another 5 years from now anyways, they just in that “get money” mode lol

  • i hope they put angry birds on diff. genre of games. like barry you could see him in jetpack joyride and monster dash.. i want an angry birds game with some fighting styles like SFIV

  • Anonymous

    Enough is enough. Got board long ago. Went from live to hate for me.

  • Daniel Marnie

    I’m one of the people who never really got Angry Birds. That may be down to the fact that I’m terrible at it, but I bought it after being pressured by my brother, and it hasn’t been on my iPod for months.