We’ve written about a number of “durable” iPhone cases here on iDB, including the Case-Mate Tank and the RainBallet. And in the comment threads of every one of those posts, readers kept bringing up the LifeProof case. So we figured we would mention it.

For those who haven’t heard of the LifeProof, it’s an ultra-durable iPhone case that’s thinner than the popular Otterbox Defender, and can handle much more punishment…

LifeProof’s casing is made out of hard, rubberized plastic and covers both the handset’s charging port and headphone jack. It’s built to protect your device from drops, dirt, snow and water — and we’re not talking a couple of drops here, you can literally take it swimming with you.

From all of the reviews and testimonials that we’ve read online, the LifeProof seems like the case to get if you’re in the market for something durable. Interested? You can find the case on LifeProof’s online store, in a variety of colors, for $79.99.

What are your thoughts on the LifeProof case?


  • too exspensive

  • Jae

    The only case I buy 😀

  • M L

    I WOULD love the Lifeproof…..but everyone of them I have gotten, the screen cover does NOT sit flush on the iphone. They give some instructions on how to remove the ‘air’ from the space inbetween the cover and the screen, but I don’t think it is air to me.
    So basically when typing, it sounds JUST like typing on a blackberry keyboard. So if it is quiet where you are, people will know you are typing.

    Otherwise nice case.

    • adam lompis

      Put a basic anti-glare screen protector on it. I have already been in contact with LifeProof and that is what they recommended. I had the rainbow effect and the “air” bubbles. After the anti-glare protector was on there i have not experienced any other issues! Try it out!

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like they should supply one to fix the defects in their product.

    • Anonymous

      This was 1st gen case. 2nd gen case they’ve shrunk the gap and after about a week the plastic stretches to sit flush. Its beautiful.

  • ………..Chocolate?

  • I’d have to see video or life proof to e convinced.

  • Anonymous

    Hands down the best case for the iPhone. Expensive? Yes, but is worth it.

  • Anonymous

    I have the defender on a 3G and ballistic Armor on a i4. I much prefer tha Armor ( I think current version is called HC). The silicon layer comes off easy, but I rarely feel the need to. The bezel is a little higher so the P & Q are a little harder to press. But this thing is indestructable. The home button press on the defender just doesnt provide a good tactile response. The Defender is just junky compared to the Ballistic.

    I routinely toss it in the air and let it fall on concrete, really freaks people out. If the lifeproof can provide that level of shock protection and be waterproof, then it is a winner, on sale, not at $80.

    Can you drop the lifeproof off the top of a building onto the parking lot? Do they have video of this? Or is it minimal protection like the Defender?

  • Anonymous

    Simply put, this is the only case you should ever buy for the iPhone. For me, it has paid itself off multiple times over. Even went through an entire laundry wash cycle. Nothing feels better than opening the washer to see your lockscreen shining back at you after a heavy-duty cycle.

  • If it covers the charging port does that mean I have to take it off every time I want to charge my iPhone?

    • Andrew

      No there is a latch over the charging port. You just have to make sure that the latch is completely closed after charging to keep the case water tight. Got one for my mom and its an awesome case.

    • Anonymous

      There is a water-tight “trap door” that opens up for easy charging. If there is one drawback to this case at all, it’s that you cannot dock into many devices (i.e. Bose SoundDock) without taking the case off (or using an adapter by RadTech). And as for USB chargers, I have found that many 3rd party 30-pin chargers do not fit. But the stock Apple-provided charger fits perfectly.

      I am not a big believer in phone cases, in general, but the LifeProof case is the only case that actually makes sense. It provides defense against water – electronics most-feared enemy. Otherwise, cases on phones is like putting a plastic cover on your couch.

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty great, but I don’t know if it’d be any better than my Skech hard rubber for iphone, which has saved my iphone 4’s life a couple times already!!

    • Anonymous

      Skech case does not even compare to Lifeproof. Lifeproof is in another much higher category.

  • To take out the bubbles put a Kleenex on phone then press down phone on front case cover on flat surface for few secOnds.

  • Anonymous

    Not just for rugged. For anyone. It looks so good and even has a nice texture to it. People ask me: “Have you got a new iPhone?” because the white case makes my black iPhone look white. It is the best case I have ever owned, coming from a previous Speck and Otterbox rugged cases, as well as some ones purely for look.

    The other day I had a FaceTime conversation with someone while my phone was underwater. They didn’t even notice a difference till I told them.
    Then they freaked out. Lol.

  • hands down the best case on the market!

  • Anonymous

    Customers service sucks(won’t return a call or email) and does allow light sensor to work correctly