MirrorWidget is a jailbreak tweak that places a mirror in iOS 5’s Notification Center. The “mirror” is just an image from either the front or rear facing camera; you can switch between the two, and you have the ability to snap a photo in the process.

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A double tap on the widget will switch between your front and rear facing cameras, while a single tap will snap a photo for lasting memories.

MirrorWidget can be had for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for jailbroken iDevices. You must be running iOS 5, and I’m assuming this works with dual camera devices only like the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPad 2.

Let me know what you think about MirrorWidget in the comments below.

  • First!

  • I think it will be a battery eater….:/
    Nyc thot though…

    • Jorge Izquierdo

      No it’s not. It disables the camera when you are 20 secs without using it

  • Where did you get the duck
    It look so cute and I really want one

  • What about the iPod touch?

    • Jorge Izquierdo

      it will work if it has a camera

  • more tweaks pls!

  • I love it but wish you could adjust the size of the “mirror”. I want it to be longer.

    • U can do that with ifile! u just have to go to settings of notificationcenter there and change the size of the header to whatever u like 😉 google for the right path cause i did it once and can’t remember the path sorry about that..

  • Jesper Hansen

    It’s great fun but not very useful in the long run.

  • Dan

    This tweak should be called iKillYourBattery…

  • How do you install modmyi repo

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the mirror box could be just a little but bigger.lol Atleast I think that’s what my girlfriend would say. I would t use this…..this seems like something a girl would want as a quick mirror r suttin.

  • This I believed messed with my respringing, or possibly SwipeShiftCaret tweak, as when installed, went into respringing loop. Neither SBSetting respringing nor respringing standalone would work. It wasn’t until I uninstalled them both that I was able to respring my device. FYI when I tried uninstalling MirrorWidget it was not showing in notifications setting and cydia showed it was not installed, yet was still there….took a few respringing attempts and software resets to completely remove it.

  • Anonymous

    I saw this and thought it was a vanity app, just going by the title. Should rename it camera widget or something.