Nerds everywhere rejoice! Filippo Bigarella, the jailbreak developer behind Springtomize 2 and other popular tweaks, has just submitted a new package to Cydia called WallpaperLog.

The new tweak turns your device’s wallpaper into an active console log, giving you a glimpse into some of the things that happen behind the scenes in iOS…

Even though you can’t see it, thousands of lines of code are constantly executing in iOS underneath its pretty user interface. WallpaperLog will allow you to see a small portion of that code — mostly low level events — in a live scrolling wallpaper.

We’re not sure how it works exactly, but the folks over at OSXDaily believe that the tweak actively scrolls through the /private/var/log/system.log file.

WallpaperLog certainly isn’t a high-profile, must-have tweak. But we have to admit it looks pretty cool. Filippo says it will be free, and should be available in Cydia shortly. We’ll let you know once it goes live.

What do you think of WallpaperLog?

  • is it avalable in cydia yet?

  • How much will this slow down my iPhone? It seems like something that would be pretty heavy on memory.

    • I’d like to know as well. I’ll definitely get it once it’s up, but it’d be great to know ahead of time if it will slow my stuff down.

      • let me know how it goes and what device you are on.

    • Anonymous

      i can’t see how this could noticeably slow your device down. if the code is already being executed then displaying that execution shouldn’t be that intensive, if your phone needed to connect to an external source to fetch the data before displaying it then i would expect it to get laggy.

  • what is the tweak to make the bottom icons like that?

    • michaelnv710

      Springtomize 2

  • This will definitely be something cool to check out.

  • Verbose boot on springboard

  • Bob Nelson Corporations

    Looks fun 🙂

    Also, tiny correction: WallpaperLog will allow you to see *everything* that a program’s internal code logs, or prints in the syslog for debugging/notifying the syslog reader that something happened; that being, “This tweak shows a small portion of code” isn’t just right, and is even a bit confusing. Also, the file is /var/log/syslog, not system.log.

    I’m also not sure about lag caused by continuously watching/printing the syslog data somewhere like the wallpaper. Who knows, though?

  • Jae

    What are the apps on top of screen any thing good?

  • Anonymous

    Looks really nice. Nerdy but cool…

  • is it like vwallpaper?

    • No. It is self-update/animated (whatever you wanna call it) but it doesn’t allow to choose different types of wallpapers like vWallpaper does.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wate for this tweak. I hope it’s not a resource or a ram hog though.

  • Everyone, @FilippoBiga just tweeted that it is going to be delayed (he didn’t say how long) till he makes it so the average user can install this.

  • It looks more like a show-off sorta thing. Having the syslog enabled all the time just slows down the device and will eventually start using a lot of disk space.

    Also, the filename is syslog, not system.log.


  • Sam OfTheFurry

    where can I ask questions about jailbreak?? Like tweaks and mods?? Can I ask how do I disable the ios multitasking so that I can enable multifl0w?

    • Just install multifl0w then go in to

      settings>activator>in application>home button>double press and select com.arronash.multifl0w


      settings>activator>at home screen>home button>double press and select com.arronash.multifl0w

      There is no need to disable the iOS multitasking just remove the activator events that launch it with multifl0w, as detailed above 🙂

  • psca1

    Whats the repo??? and is it realy called wallpaperlog ?

  • Matt

    still awaiting verbose boot when turning phone on. not the fake themes, actual verbose boot would be cool. bring back the old memories from 3G and 3GS

  • I got it installed just now