Looking to add Siri on your iPhone 2G, iPod touch, or virtually any other pre-iPhone 4S device? Then look no further than Sara.

Sara is far from perfect, but if Siri Proxy is not an option for you then it is likely the next best thing.

Check inside as we take Sara for a test drive on video…

There’s no denying that Sara is limited in function when compared to the real thing; for instance, you can’t use location based query commands without Sara returning some sort of nonsense. Alarm clocks don’t work, weather can be inaccurate, and a whole host of other grammar inaccuracies ensure no one will be mistaking Sara for the real thing any time soon.

But it is free, and it’s a decent addition for owners of older jailbroken devices like the original iPhone or iPod touch.

Sara even features some advanced options like translation, YouTube search, and more. Of course, you can do all of that with a real jailbroken Siri implementation, but it’s still nice to be able to pull this off on an older device where Siri was never intended to run.

If you want to try this for yourself, add the following repo to your sources: http://isoftjsc.com and download the package that corresponds with your device. Be aware that the download will likely time out a few times, but keep trying; I think their servers may be getting hammered.

In the end Sara is another wannabe Siri alternative that doesn’t come very close to the real thing; however, it’s better than nothing if you aren’t up to fooling with Siri Proxy and/or you have an older iOS device.

What are your thoughts on Sara?

  • It’s working for all idevice.. but Nobita ( the one who created Sara) is running out of monney.He has to pay for the sever by himself and since Sara receive TOO MANY request so uguys can Donate to helps him

  • Anonymous

    “You will soon be inside the Internet.”

    Woah, Sara is a prophet?

  • It’s no Siri 🙁

  • Anonymous

    just used it on iPad 1 doesn’t work as advertised. i prefer to use my proxy on my iPad with my iPhone 4s.

  • considering that i get to now have siri on my iphone 2g, im extremely impressed with it. obviously its not as polished as the real deal, but it works as much as i need it to.

  • Jeff, is siriport.ru safe?

    • It works nicely, have been using it for over a week without any downtime.
      Nd as the requests are directed towards apple i think its quite safe.

      • So they don’t miss use of our data right??
        And sorry but which guide are talking about?

  • Anonymous

    sara sucks

    • Anonymous

      they said it’s no replacement for SIRI, so can it with the sucks part

  • I own one iPhone 4s, and I know some of you want to use my device unique nummer. Then I think, why not sell this number only to 1 person, then me and him only use my number and Siri .

    • i have a iphone 4s and a iphone 4. How do i obtain my device uniue number off my iphone 4s?

      • talat ozunal

        please send me your device uniue number to me ı have no iphone 4s adress:talatozunal@gmail.com

    • Me ill pay you

  • I’d just like to have siri0us back or a tweak similar to it and just as accurate.

    • There’s siriport.
      Follow my guide if you like too.

      • Cool, but I’m not really looking for a full-fledged Siri port. All I’m interested in is the dictation and being able to dictate from the keyboard.

      • Haley LaBove Kovach

        did you ever find a dictation key tweak?

  • @uhelios ‘s SiriServer using Google’s API is much closer to the real Siri than this. Sure it costs 15$ but that also helps keep the servers paid for.

  • it took me 2 minutes to download it..

    • Mark K

      Jeff mistakenly spoke 2 min to 2 hours

  • Also I found if you use activator and change the press and hold home button to sara it has a Siri like effect.

  • I can’t get it to search YouTube or tell me what’s the weather like( in un the uk) but everything else is fine ( the boring stuff like who are you?)

  • Anonymous

    Hi down loaded all I get is >oops< to every
    Question I ask
    Running 3GS on4.2.1
    Any ideas why

  • http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/02/02/siri-port-ru/
    Here it is
    I didn’t find it before

  • http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/02/02/siri-port-ru/
    Here it is
    I didn’t find it before

  • Can somebody give me spire sever that works?? Please?

  • It allows me to open some apps like camera and hbo go

  • Alexander Colaço Osorio

    Am I glad I did not buy that sore excuse for a new phone: the 4S!
    I got a working real Siri on my iphone 4. BTW: Voice Actions and Evi arn’t bad either.

  • i have siriport on my iphone 4. Its works great. Its a little bit slow if you compare to iphone 4s. But it works great.

    Its to bad Siri dont have other language such as, Dutch.

    For siriport you have to be patience, it took me 8 min. to get a request(activate) from siri. Some people waited hours, days..

    • Already deleted mine. Takes a whopping amount of RAM.

    • Mohamed Zeneiny

      3 weeks, still no luck 🙁

  • it`s better then nth 🙂

  • Osorio11

    When my siriport was down for a couple of days, I dowloaded Sara.
    At firt it seemed quite promising, but soonI noticed something disturbing: as long as it was on my phone, on, off not even running in the background, my mail app kept crashing: the only way to open it was to put my ohone in safe mode, so I uninstalled it.
    Are thre more people here with similar problems using Sara?
    BTW this morning my Siriport was up and running again, I am so plesed…

  • Dieweool

    i Just intalled sara…now my phone is on a endless respring loop D:

  • charliesheen

    will it work with ios 6.1.3?

  • Haley LaBove Kovach

    did you ever find a twek to do this? i am needing the same thing – only the dictation key to show up on my keyboard when in imessage or mail, etc. thanks!