NCColors is a simple and straightforward method for customizing the background color of iOS 5’s Notification Center. To do so it uses simple red, green, and blue sliders to adjust the hue proportions, which allows you to easily come up with a seemingly infinite amount of custom colors.

The RGB sliders alone make NCColors one of the best tweaks available when it comes to changing Notification Center’s background color. Check out our further coverage inside…

What I really like about NCColors is that the changes to the colors take effect immediately, no resprings required. There’s also a provision that allows you to add blur to the background to make reading text easier.

The only thing that doesn’t work well is the disable switch. Disabling didn’t actually disable the tweak, even after a respring. I presume this will be fixed in a future update.

Even with the disabling issue, it would be hard to find a tweak that’s so easy and simple to use at this price point. NCColors can be downloaded for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for jailbroken iOS 5 users.

Let us know what you think about NCColors in the comments below.

  • Dan

    maybe it’s just me, but I like the standard background. I’ve tried out a few mods but always end up going back to the standard.

  • actually there is a tweak that does exactly the same as nccolors, called blurriedncbackground.
    (i believe iDB even wrote an article about it)
    the only difference between the two tweaks is the way in changing colors, since
    blurriedncbackground doesnt have as many color options as this tweak. But c’mon i m mean blurried ncbackground has been around almost since the release of ios5, its also for free and does just the same thing as this tweak. so whether the background of your NC is mint or lime green, does it really matter?
    Dear dev was it really worth the time?(not saying i dont appreciate the dedication towards the community)but still… kinda reminds me of those 20 tweaks available for changing the “slide to unlock” string, they all do the same, but just a liiiiiiitttttle bit different.

  • Hey Jeff, make a video on FastBlurredNotificationCenter, it has the same effect as the first tweak “BlurriedNCBackground” except it doesn’t slow down Notification Center, on the other hand it doesn’t have any options, it is free and you can get it from this repo:
    I really recommend trying it out, it is so awesome, using it for 2 days on my 3GS, no issues and Notification Center is not slown down with this tweak.

    • Anonymous

      +1. One of the coolest and fastest NC tweaks out there.

    • thank you for that tip. ncblurredbg is laggy especially when you have so many notifications on ur NC. This one is just a miracle!

  • 0:30 zephyr fail 🙁

  • What tweak is it that allows you to have pages on your notification Center? (you can see the page dots in this video, im assuming that’s what they are)

  • I just installed the tweak and wanted to give out a freindly warning to anbody considering in doing the same. DO NOT INSTALL THIS CRAP!
    it can’t be disabled anymore even though there’s a switch in the settings app for it, it does not work. When trying to uninstall it gets way worse. I don’t know what happened exactly but it pretty much ripped out a lot of stuff that it shouldn’t have. F.e. winterboard themes don’t work anymore, springtomize doesn’t work anymore and the same goes for lockinfo. Ah yes and the NC is just completely blank when pulled down. The ownly way to set things right for me, was to install this virus-like tweak again. Thanks a ton dev and iDB for testing this, now I m stuck with this crap. They should rename it to NCherpes

  • Anonymous

    They updated the tweak to fix the “Enable” setting. NOW NO NEED TO COMPLAIN.
    I’m totally using this. Thanks, iDownloadBlog!!!