Have you ever wondered what files a specific jailbreak tweak places on your device? Have you ever wondered where the files are stored?

If so, you could always fire up iFile or use an FTP utility to go digging around in your file system. Or, you could just head to Cydia and utilize a provision that’s available for every package you have installed on your device…

If you open any Cydia page for an app or tweak that’s currently installed on your device, you will notice a Installed Package section. Under Installed Package is a version number of the tweak or app, along with a Filesystem Content section. If you tap on Filesystem Content, you will receive a page that shows a breakdown of everything installed by the app or tweak in question.

This is a great way to troubleshoot and/or customize your favorite jailbreak apps or tweaks. For instance, you can use it with ColoredKnob to find the location of the PNG files used to create the colored lock screen nub. There are various other uses as well, but these are a few of the most common.

Have you ever used this feature?

  • jose castro

    very nice

  • Anonymous

    Now I feel like an idiot for never seeing that. This will definitely be useful in the future (I’m not currently jailbroken).

  • Love how thIs is news, despite being a “feature” available since the dawn of cydia

    • Anonymous

      And yet two people above you appreciated the article still

      • Exactly, I actually found this little tip very useful. I always had to browse to find where my packages are stored, and this helps out so much.

      • +1

  • Download AppInfo from Cydia. Then go to Packages -> Installed Files

    I like seeing the whole path, so this works better for me.

  • JomanJi

    This is an irrelevant question..But how do I install cydia tweaks using ifunbox cuz I don’t see any “install cydia package”