Apple has received a lot of criticism for leaving LTE out of its two latest iOS devices. After all, Android manufacturers have been implementing the 4G technology in handsets and tablets for over a year now.

But as Tim Cook noted last Summer, LTE chipsets have been too big and too battery-intensive thus far for Apple to justify using them in its devices. And it looks like HTC had to find that out the hard way…

We told you earlier about HTC’s 26% profit drop last quarter. The company cited heavy competition from both Apple and Samsung as a big reason for the decline, but CFO Winston Yung also believes that HTC’s own products were a factor.

Electronista reports:

“HTC during a call discussing its low forecast and results backtracked from the strategy that dictated 2011. CFO Winston Yung acknowledged a lukewarm reception for fall devices but added that the company’s philosophy throughout all of last year, where it was willing to make thick, short-lived devices for the sake of having 4G, was a mistake. The “next product cycle” of devices would fix this, Yung said.”

As the site points out, this kind of indirectly validates Apple’s decision to hold off on LTE technology up to this point.

That being said, the company is rumored [again] to be finally launching LTE-capable products this year. And if the gossip materializes, it’ll be interesting to see how it implements the 4G tech without sacrificing device size and battery life.

  • Anonymous

    I’m personally not bothered about “4G” … I’d rather have longer battery life than quicker downloads etc as I rarely use data on my iPhone, mainly Wi-Fi and I have never had an issue with the speed of transfers.

    There isn’t 1 aesthetically pleasing HTC phone anyway so battery life would be the least of my concerns if I was foolish enough to own 1 of them.

    • same here power over lte although i am intrested in the upcoming samsung sgs3 ­čÖé

      • Anonymous

        I had an iPhone 4 and swapped it wi my dad for the Xperia Ray but had to swap back because both are good in different ways lol so now I have 1 of each after buying it and have the best of both worlds and imo the 2 best looking phones out there at the moment from the respective OS’s.

  • jose castro

    thats on them for trying to beat apples iphone and ipad.

    • Oh wow. Someone is a hardcore fanboy of a company that tries to stifle innovation, and destroy competition.

      • Eric Morgan

        More like tries to stifle left.

      • wow, someone is ignorant lol

      • Lol. How am I ignorant. I have used every generation of iPods, my siblings have used almost every generation of iPhones. I am an avid Apple product user, so I can see both sides of them. And as much as I love their products, I hate Apple, because of their retarded lawsuits. Who is the ignorant now, without facts?

      • jose castro

        not a fanboy trust me on that, i honestly hate apple but without them there is no jailbreaking.

  • The iPhone battery isn’t te beat as it is. I can’t imagine how it would be with LTE Tech in it.

  • I thought this was “Apple” news.