You might remember a few weeks ago when we told you about Tribute Calendar, an application that paid tribute to Steve Jobs in the form of a calendar application that had been rejected by Apple.

The developers of the app didn’t want to take “no” for an answer and did exactly what more developers should do: they turned to Cydia to release their app without the need of Apple’s benediction…

Developers from Nushka Labs note on their blog:

We got rejection from Apple Team and in the email Apple Review Team have said – “However, We have decided to honor his life in other ways and we are not accepting these types of apps.”

We are really happy (& proud) to announce that ‘Tribute Calendar’ is launched with Cydia Store.

We have kept our promise to release the App free (as well Ad Free), it will remain Free for lifetime.

The app is available for free from the MMI repo. If you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone, the developers will distribute the app free of charge to 25 lucky peeps as an ad-hoc app. Simply email them at for more details.

Cydia: 1 – App Store: 0

  • why do i get the feeling it was rejected because the app does not monetize in any way. no $$ for apple… on a potential money maker.. REJECTED. oh well, this is why we jailbreak.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. If Apple isn’t making a percentage then the answer is “No”. Notice that the authors were going to make this completely free both in initial costs and in advertisements. Consequently this was going to generate zero income for the developer and ultimately zero for Apple. Hence, its a no go.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize there are millions of free iOS apps out there, right?

  • It would make sense to reject it if the app makes no monetary gain for apple. just my thought anyways.

  • Anonymous

    I think it sucks that Apple didn’t let them put their great calendar idea into their App store – WTF, what’s Apple’s problem???? They already have over 500,000+ Apps (and most are just simple crap apps IMHO).

    OH, and to add – how many apps are already available for Free??? Everyday there are premium Apps that are promo’d for free (most without Ads also)…. So the “no revenue” thing IMO is moot!

  • Anonymous


  • No Whammy

    The app is a piece of shit and extremely distasteful. Apple made the right call. Unfortunately, they don’t do this for the other 98% of shit in their store.

    • You know, the beauty of ANY app installed on the iPhone is that if you don’t like it, it uninstalls as fast as it installed. What may be a piece of shit app or distasteful app to you may be in the minds of others, a very stirring tribute to the genius of Steve Jobs. ANY “i” product Apple has released was due in large part to the leadership and guidance of Steve. The very fact that you posted on here indicates you have at least one jailbroken product. Apple ain’t perfect, to put it mildly. If the app developer had removed virtually any trace of his authorship of the app, so that it would literally have been someone who had some admiration or at least respect for the man, Apple would still most likely have banned it. Go to the app store and look at all the apps on there that do variations of burping or farting or vomitting. Apple will allow THOSE apps on there… but tributes to visionaries? THAT’s why we are ALL fortunate to have the jailbreak community. Have I downloaded the app? No. But that was a personal choice. And if I did install it, and found that I couldn’t make adjustments to it to my satisfaction, I would have uninstalled the app.

      • If you’re making an app to honor as great of a man as Steve Jobs, then make the app of the same quality. This app is a joke, the calendar itself goes from May to June, back to may and leaves out July. Maybe instead of jumping on someone for their opinion, you should download the app and take a look at it yourself.

      • steve jobs was not a great man. he was a terrible person. knowing he was so self centered, egocentric and all the other bad qualities of his personality. how can you call him great? a great person would be one who is humble, which he was clearly not, and self giving for others sake.

        stop worshiping a dead man already. why do people love him so much? because he was rich and successful? that a real question. some freak, please enlighten me.

      • JayKay

        @Kurt, you go to hell, buy Android and rub its head on your ass, Show some respect. one has to be harsh if you want to change the world. you pussy.

  • Cloudi Windi

    Apple you suck without jailbreak that what I think. All Developer should go to Cydia to make a strong Jailbreak community. Developer go to Cydia, Bravo.

  • this is garbage

  • JayKay

    For sure its a Shitty app, no purpose to have this, Apple rocked developer shocked 😛

  • Anonymous

    As with other comments. The only thing nice in that is the font. It uses Steve’s actual face, which is why it would have been rejected and is surrounded by XP luna like buttons. It’s possible it may have been accepted if it was tasteful and had a silhouette of Steve’s face instead.