On Friday, the first ever iPhone 4S-compatible jailbreaking utility, Absinthe, was released to the public. And although it bears the Chronic Dev Team’s moniker, a lot of folks contributed to the app’s development including pod2g, Saurik, MuscleNerd, and others.

Recent Cydia data shows that more than 1 million people jailbroke their A5 devices over the weekend, thanks to the work of the above-mentioned hackers. Can you imagine if they would have charged $1 to download and use their software? They’d all be rich!

But they didn’t charge us a dime, and probably never will. It blows my mind to think that so many people would put so many hours of work into creating something, and then just give it away for free.

For those interested, however, there is a way to contribute to these guys. The group has set up a shared PayPal account for donations — which are distributed among the members in pre-arranged proportions.

No, this isn’t an abused animal commercial with Sara McLachlan’s ‘Angel’ playing in the background asking for money. If you don’t want to donate, that’s cool. It’s not mandatory, but it’s always appreciated.

Use this button to donate

  • post like this will keep jailbreaking scene alive. Thanks to Cody,

    • Anonymous

      Faith in humanity = +1

  • Panayiotis Philippou

    If you ask me they should be charging at least $1 not just to earn some money but to maintain their servers. At least for the unlocks they can charge something and nobody will complain!

    Great Work JB Team, you are the reason i buy i-Devices

  • Anonymous

    as already stated, they should have charged a buck. i mean, whats a buck? seriously.

  • Well I covered 30 of the users the the very moment it came out. Watching my 4S getting jailbroken brought a tear to my eye due to becoming free from the shackles of a non-jailbroken device.

  • Was expecting to see a tutorial on cdevreporter

  • Anonymous

    Deposited. When I think of all the money I’ve happily spent on tweaks for my iDevices, a donation to the Dream Team that makes it all possible is a no brainier!

  • Joe Markim

    Awesome job guys! I sent in a little something.

  • if you say jeff, done! no questions

  • Donated $30. I think I gave my share and of 29 others!

    Hopefully these posts will be on ALL the sites.

    Jailbreaks should be sold.. Period… It would start making the impression that you have to buy your tweaks and not pirate them. Aside from attracting young and talented new blood to the scene to help with faster jailbreaks.

  • Donated $30. I think I gave my share and of 29 others!

    Hopefully these posts will be on ALL the sites.

    Jailbreaks should be sold.. Period… It would start making the impression that you have to buy your tweaks and not pirate them. Aside from attracting young and talented new blood to the scene to help with faster jailbreaks.

  • But if they did charged $1 there are still people out there that’s going to get around that (piracy)

  • 10 bucks making their way to DreamTeam’s pockets!

    You deserve even more. Show some love people!

  • One million people jail broke their IDEvices it is awesome to be included in that number is ten bucks fair per device ? I have 3 IDEvices

  • Thanks for the reminder – Just donated.

  • I donate U$20,00, Thanks Dream Team!!

  • $10 – Thanks Dream Team!!

  • Kash Kaushal

    Donated $10.
    Thanks Dream Team

  • I donated $10 and don’t even own an A5 device. I want to make sure that these guys stay interested in jailbreaking. Thanks fellas!

  • Just gave $5. Hopefully all jailbreakers out there would donate what they can. This will only encourage our ” Dev Teams” to keep on doing on what they do best and helps us jailbreak our devices in future updates!! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Anonymous

    Yep- I sent them some “thanks”! Worth it!

  • Tom Tucker

    i couldnt do much being the end of the month, but did send $5. Wish i had more to send. These guys are a seriously talented bunch and have put in god only knows how many hours of their time to make this happen. They seriously deserve to make some great bank on their efforts.
    To just do this work and then give it out freely speaks volumes to their character and dedication to the craft.

  • I just did $5. Good job team !

    • I donated $20 bucks the first day it was released after I jailbroke my 4S and my wife’s. Thanks to all the DEVS involved!

  • my bluetooth icon in status bar does not apear after closing setting.i have ipad 2 5.0.1 please help

    • it only appear when it’s in use, that’s normal behavior of iOS 5.

  • Come month end. A personal promise. 😉

    ps. Let’s ask them how much they got in the pool? ;P

  • i will donate $10 for my family members who JB-ed

  • So wait, Macintosh uses get a jailbreak tool that’ll do the job for them automatically? What about us Windows users who have to type in lines of code?

  • Le

    Dont worry guys. … I will be donating as soon as i get off work. U guys deserve it. Bought the Phone couple of days ago and then bam. Jailbreak available. Nice.

  • Just donated a $1. I agree with another commenter. I have spent at least $20 over the past year or so buying JB apps through Cydia, least I can do is donate to the people who make it possible. Wish it could have been more, but for now I have to count the pennies…hope to donate more in the future. Thank you all for your hard work!

  • Alvin Mendez

    Just gave. Thanks for the link! I forgot how much I missed my jailbreak!

  • Alvin Mendez

    Also wanted to say that it should stay free and accept donations. If they begin to charge, imagine the amount of complaints they will receive from people that have problems, lose photos, don’t follow directions, etc.

  • i donated $5 for every iphone in my house and that is 3=$15 thanks chronic dev team and every one who makes it possible.

  • I will gladly donate $10 when my device is jailbroken.  However, absinthe refuses to recognize my device.  I tried it on a Mac and on Win/PC.  It’s driving me crazy at this point. I’ve tried tips provided by iDB but with no success.  I know lots of people had this issue.  Did anybody have success diagnosing the problem?

    • You don’t have to put it on turn it off/Put it on DFU mode, just leave it turned on and it will recognize it, if iTunes recognizes it then Absinthe should too.

  • Come on… Donations are just peanuts compared to the millions of dollars Saurik is making from his Cydia store. I’m sure that he “donated” big bucks to the dream team…

    • I think you are exaggerating a bit in that first line.

  • Just donated $50. For 50 peeps who can/won’t donate. (I’ve the iP4 & iP3G, am waiting for the iP5 & iPad3).

    This team needs to be there to break the next gen of Apple products.

  • Nice work u thx alot to make it free ill donate 50$ for the team they worked hard for us

  • +10. Just wish somebody will help me fix my settings app from crashing when going into the general setting. Iphone 4s user.

  • Donated 20€.
    Thanks Dream Team

  • Nikita Lebedev

    Thx for the reminder, sent the Dream Team my thanks 🙂

  • Just donated $5 for all the hard work and gave pod3g $5 for the untethered 5.01 for A4 jalbreak. Great job guys!

  • If i have a paypal acc i will donate for every jb that will come to the public.

  • Totally agree!!, donation sent (from Buenos Aires, Argentina).

  • Sku Takara

    Only 6$, but hope you guys keep up your great contribution and effort!

  • Sean Curley

    Just contributed $20.00 and happy to do it!

  • Just donated $50. Well deserved. Great job “Dream Team”. Thank you for everything you do 😉

  • I do think it’s so very wrong not to donate; it doesn’t have to be a lot of money .. only as much as you can afford and wish. It’s a way of saying you’re truly appreciate and thank them for their time. so make it right and donate pp ..

  • Steven Luu

    Donated. Will x 5 donation if Got it unlock

  • Anonymous

    People spend so much money on buying iDevices. This is the least they can do.

  • I totally agree!!!

  • Micah

    I would LOVE to donate something them.
    Unfortunately, I have no job, no money, no way to donate….but I will when I have a chance to!

  • Just got my visa card this morning! so, made a donation of 5 usd. Thanks for great work!