Earlier today, we told you that the Chronic Dev Team was reporting that Absinthe, the first iPhone 4S-compatible jailbreaking utility, was downloaded more than 1 million times last Friday. That’s huge.

And the Dev Team seems to back up that theory with a new blog post entitled “Welcome new A5 jailbreakers!” The post breaks down how many people installed Cydia over the weekend, and on what devices…

“Here’s a quick breakdown of how many A5 owners have jailbroken their devices since Friday morning. The numbers as of Monday afternoon are:

  • 491,325 new iPhone 4S devices
  • 308,967 new iPad 2 devices
  • 152,940 previously jailbroken (at 4.x) iPad 2 devices

Total: 953,232 new A5 jailbreaks in a little over 3 days.

The reason these numbers can be so precise is that one of the housekeeping activities that happens when you launch Cydia is a query to @saurik’s server for the list of available SHSH blobs. (Even if you have none on file, the query is still made).”

So around 800,000 devices were jailbroken this weekend for the first time. That’s pretty cool.

If you are new to the jailbreaking scene, make sure to check out some of our favorite tweaks. We have lists for both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, as well as utilities specifically designed for Siri. And new content is added daily.

  • And I think the Cydia sever handled it very will with the extra traffic…

    • Yea I agree burge. I was kind of expecting a lot of problems, and really had none..

      • Anonymous

        They did a great job expecting this. And everything.

    • Yea I agree burge. I was kind of expecting a lot of problems, and really had none..

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome. I hope they did good with the donations they deserve it. I gave 20$ And I’ll give 40 when I get a bootroom exploit.

  • Ernest Sehic

    any idea about siri port?

  • i was one of those 308,967 and had no problems what so ever.. Swwwwwwweeeeeeet….
    thanks guys for all the hard work… good luck in your next project..

  • Wow!!!!

  • I jailbroke my 4s today with greenpois1on for windows. Took 10 minutes and works perfectly.

  • …..is that an iDB iOS app I see in that picture there…..?

    • No it’s a web shortcut. Every springboard should have one!!!

      Navigate to iDB home page on your device, Click on the centre icon at the bottom of mobile Safari and select “Add to Homepage”

  • Good news

  • That’s incredible! Add that number to the number of devices that are already JB and it’ll shut all the naysayers up. If you jb please donate. Show these guys we appreciate their hard work. #jailbreakingaintdead

  • they really deserve donation for what they have done, its not easy, i can wait for the unlock thats what i need now, i dont want to use my iphone 4s until i can unlock to to my preferred network, please hurry with the unlock files 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I have all the idevices (touch,pad,phone) and for the first time decied to JB my phone. Looked so easy on another site. Unfortunately it was a nightmare. many many hours ofabsinthe crashing but I hung in there restored fresh and eventually it worked. My first JB device. Playing learning and excited. Nice site. Been comming here for several months for non JB info. Now I can join in. Can’t believe the devs don’t charge at least a buck for JB. I’ll do my part and donate.