A few months ago, Samsung’s mobile president Shin Jong-kyun told reporters that Apple would have a hard time finding any of their intellectual property in his company’s new Galaxy Nexus handset.

He obviously underestimated Apple’s legal team. Reports are coming in that Apple has just filed another lawsuit in Germany against Samsung for the use of — get this — its patented ‘Slide to Unlock’ feature…

Apple was awarded the patent covering its infamous Slide to Unlock component of iOS in October of last year. And given that a handful of Android manufacturers have implemented the feature into their handsets, we figured it was only a matter of time before Apple went after someone.

Both Windows Phone 7 and HP’s Web OS have managed to create unlocking mechanisms that don’t involve sliding an on-screen object from left-to-right. So it seems like Apple might actually have a legitimate case here. It’ll be interesting to see what a judge has to say about it.

This lawsuit is the latest in Apple’s ongoing fight against not just Samsung, but all major Android partners. Apple’s beef with Google’s popular mobile operating system dates all the way back to 2010, when Steve Jobs accused the company of blatantly stealing a number of iOS elements, including multi-touch pinch-to-zoom, and kinetic scrolling.

What do you think? Does Apple’s Slide to Unlock case hold water?


  • Looks nothing like the iPhone’s “Slide to Unlock”…

  • airbreak

    Apple has a case here. Since you’re basically forced to make the same gesture that the iPhone has due to the placing. The context doesn’t matter, it’s the gesture that was patented.

    • So I can patent flipping Apple off for their silliness? It’s a gesture, after all…

  • Samsung cant do one thing without copying.

    • Anonymous

      Get real will ya, unlike most companies, who actually thrive on competition, Apple use bullying tactics by patenting every single aspect they can so that almost every device by a competitor breaches some patent(s) … Now some will see this as shrewd business but I don’t. The fact is is it’s a smartphone, there are bound to be features, aspects of the phone that look or feel the same, it is impossible to make it wholly different .. As a user of an iPhone I would be more than happy to see other phones looking slightly like it and using certain parts of it to a degree, this is what gives me choice in what I buy but if everybody shared your attitude we would live in a world with 1 company telling you if you want a phone then you have no choice but to have ours and pay what we want because there’s no alternative … you might be happy to live in that world, i’m not !!

  • Anonymous

    Surprising that apple hasn’t done anything against all devices which are rectangular in contour and looking black in the switched off state!! Really surprising!!

  • Good lord. I love my iPhone and all, but I’m getting tired of Apple and their silliness. Next they’ll patent white phones. Lookout world!

    • i’m sure they’ve tried

  • The galaxy nexus looks awsome

  • Apple already lost one case with this slide to unlock thing. So im pretty sure germany will follow that ruling

  • stupid typical apple.

  • Apple’s job is to “think”…. Their idea’s are their product. Maybe Samsung’s people should think of their own way to unlock the phone. Microsoft and HP obviously did. Intellectual property is important to protect. Hate all you want….. just come up with better ideas and you’ll win.

  • Anonymous

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  • Eric Bartoszak

    i am so sick of hearing about apples bullshit patents ..they are trying to be a huge monopoly, my gate in my backyard has a slide to unlock hinge on it..hey apple you gonna try to sue the gate hardware company? Apple is ridiculous in every aspect

  • This might be a silly question but….some of you folks do know you DON’T HAVE TO read all of the posts on this site right? I mean, the title says it all. You know upfront its going to be about another lawsuit by Apple. If your so “tired of hearing about it”, why would you even open it or waste your time. #justsaying

    • Tho

      That’s the problem with this world today. This attitude of just ignore everything is why this country (US) is so messed up. The government want to let military arrest anyone anywhere, but i don’t want to hear about it, so lets just ignore it, right?

      • This in NO WAY has anything to do with anything as serious as that. How would you even compare the two. -_- I’m not going to even try to retaliate on just how stupid what you just said was..

  • It might be time for an #OccupyApple, just to teach them a lesson on how to play nice.

    • I liked this then I thought. Even if the world did an #OccupyApple, people would be spreading the news about it by tweeting or making facebook posts from their iPhone or iPod or iPad or iMac or Macbook Pro/Air. Sorry if I missed any. It’s sad. Half the world can’t do this without using some sort of Apple device. What we should do is simply boycott Apple. It has been one of the best ways to get companies to pay attention to their consumers. The idea is good but the hardest part about it would be to get people to actually do the boycotting. In today’s world our technology runs our lives. Most people can’t live without their smart phones or computers. Personally I think that a boycott would be great. Many people may agree. But how many of them will be willing to stop using all the Apple products they own?

      P.S. It saddens me that #OccupyX is my generations way of saying boycott.

  • Meh. I will get my s2 before this is decided. So i will have slide to unlock. And the prices wont raise in time (if apple wins). Next time im changing my phone. Which will be in 2 years. I just might go with windows mobile and give that a chance. In the end i use my phone to call and text people. And surf websites. Which im sure windows mobile can handle. If i want to do something fancy i just go to my computer and do it right from start

  • David Renicks

    As a Galaxy Nexus owner I was going to post some witty remark about Apples *clears throat* bullshit, which is what it is; end off. Though I see the general consensus from other people on here – which on an Apple orientated website is a shock – not quite hope for humanity, more common sense.

  • bigger question is how do you get a patent on slide to unlock from our great govt.. Im a apple fan but the lawsuits are getting a little outta control

  • This is retard. As a owner of both Los and android items: they are not even going after the right person here. This is the stock uplock of Ice Cream SByronandwich. If they want to take anyone to court over this oit would have to be Google as it is there code. Also as a user of both I can say that this lock behaves nothing like slide to unlock. Are they afraid to take a shot a Google or something and not the OEMs?

  • who cares. Apple is in the right. Yeah im a die hard apple fan boy! they even got the camera button on the lockscreen, just on the other side. dont really know who had this first but what matters is who patented it first. all you ppl who wine, obviously dont know jack about the business world. hardware, software oh yeah and patents.

  • HAHAHA! YES. Don’t care if its a repost, you’re a genius!