Alright all of you Windows users, as promised, the Chronic Dev Team has just released a Windows version of its new jailbreak utility, Absinthe. The software works on both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

The program is pretty straight-forward. So if you’re a veteran jailbreaker, feel free to grab Absinthe from our Downloads page and get started. But for those looking for help, here’s an easy to follow step-by-step tutorial…

Before we get started, you’ll need to make sure that your iPad 2 is on iOS 5.0.1 (iPhone 4S users can be on 5.0 or 5.0.1). You can find that out by going to Settings > General > About. It should say what firmware your on under Version.

Now onto the jailbreaking!

Step 1. Grab Absinthe for Windows from our Downloads page. Once it’s finished downloading, unzip the file and then open it as an administrator.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to your computer via its USB cable.

Step 3. Once Absinthe has recognized that there is a device connected to your computer, click the Jailbreak button.

Step 4. After the program is done running (and not a second before), go to your device’s home screen and locate the Absinthe icon. Click it. This executes the final stage of the jailbreak.

Step 5. Once that’s finished, your device should restart itself. And you should notice that the Cydia icon has replaced the Absinthe one. Enjoy.

If you get the “Error Establishing Database Connection” error, don’t worry, we have a fix for that. We also have a list of some common jailbreak issues, and how to solve them. Otherwise, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Once your device is jailbroken, be sure to check our some of our favorite Cydia packages. We have a list of the best ones for both the iPad and the iPhone, and even have some cool Siri tweaks for the iPhone 4S.

  • hardly tool 5 minutes to finish!
    iPhone 4S

  • So yesterday i had no problem jailbreaking with Cinject0.4.3 so far working prefect … is it really necessary to do it with Absinthe? what am i missing out beside a stress-free jailbreak?

  • I tried jailbreaking and it stood at the “this may take a while” screen for about an hour. I unplugged it to try again and all of my pictures have been erased. This happened again after I restored from backup to get my pics back. Now I’m on my third try without ever getting past the first step… Is there anything I can do or should I just try the command line jailbreak?

    • shafiqullah esmat

      You should have tried to see the video how does it work?
      it is so easy to jailbreak your iPhone 4s.

    • Joe

      On wif’es IPad2, had to run the jailbreak twice to get the absinthe icon to change to cydia. Here is what I did:
      -Clear all network settings and delete absinthe icon (this will delete the VPN entry called “jailbreak”
      -Turned machine off and then restarted
      -Reconnected to my network wifi
      -Reran the entire jailbreak, absinthe icon is not on ipad
      -When jailbreak says “almost done, look for icon you ipad”, disconnected ipad2 from computer, touched absinthe icon, white screen appeared and then absinthe screen saying “this may take awhile” that lasted about 5 seconds, and ipad2 rebooted and cydia icon was there.

      I only had to do the jailbreak twice, you may have to play with it on your machine.

      By the way I couldn’t make a VPN “tunnel” just tried that for laughs, but always got the error message that it couldn’t do it and VPN remained “off”. If you look at the VPN settings, after you do the first part of the jailbreak (and the absinthe icon is on your machine) you will see that there is a VPN setting called “jailbreak” that is made.

      In any event, no real magic here, just reran the jailbreak when it failed the first time. I also had the “this may take a while” screen for an hour the first time before realizing nothing was happening and did what I describe above.

  • i failed to jailbreak my ipad2 wifi ios 5.0.1 ~ keep (Looks like you attempted to apply the jailbreak and it failed . will try to fix now ….. ) keep like this error ~~ anyone have this problem !

  • Incredible Feat! My iPhone 4s (white 16GB AT&T) only took less than 10 minutes from start to finish!

    Everything WORKS !!!

    My initial fear was for my Data Connection through ATT (that something may go wrong) but everything went perfectly (just like the video that Jeff Posted!

    Now I can go to CYDIA ACCOUNT and download all my favorite PAID apps!

    ***I just sent Pod2G a paypal donation of $XX – Every one should make a small donation to all DEV TEAM members as they all worked so hard to make our iOS5 Untethered JailBreak a Reality!***

    Thanks to all including Jeff and the IDB Team for their continuing JailBreak & iOS Updates!

  • Samar Pathania

    my ipad 2 is stuck on absinthe logo screen after so many times any solution. VPN does’nt work..

  • This is really nice …thank you pod2g and all the folks that helped him

  • Stuck in the “Absitnthe is now setting things up, please stand-by” screen… I’ve seen the orientation to Mac users and my VPN doesn’t connect and doesn’t restart the iPad if I turn it ON. Does it have something to do with the “stuck app” ?

    • After the stuck screen, I did everything again, starting with puttin iOS 5.0.1 again in the iphone trought iTunes. Then i did the jailbreak with the CLI tool, described before in this blog. Finally it worked fine!

      iPad 2 Wi-fi iOS 5.0.1

  • at first took 2m to restore and Absinthe icon appear and then its loading and loading and doing nothing other than that help me what should i do restart

  • Anonymous

    Hi i install it and yit’s works fine. Only one thing i can’t install downloaded apps and apply it with itunes. Only officialy downloded with itunes.

  • murtaza sulaihi

    hey guys is anyone having problem with imessage after jailbreak ?

  • Anonymous

    mine wont even pass the first stage preparing jailbreak this may take some time… and thats it nothing happens :s

  • Gus Me

    Did anyone figure out where the files are stored taking up all the space on C: ?

    • Gus Me

      I found 2 folders in C: (C:s6qk.1) there was also a C:s6qk.3 It looks like that’s where the backup goes, it also looks size is dependent on how much info is on your device. Both folders were larger than 4gb’s each. I was finally able to jailbreak and restore from backup. It took some time and some cleaning of C drive, but it’s in the process of resyncing apps right now.

  • after the jailbreak I cant erase all content it gets stuck on the circle loading screen

  • Tried restoring my phone and it’s still stuck at 10% when installing 🙁

  • I’m stuck on “Beginning jailbreak, this may take a while…” for about an hour now and I can see that others have experienced this issue as well. Thinking about unplugging, putting iOS 5.0.1 back on the iPad via iTunes and then give the jailbreak another try if this blue bar doesn’t start to move soon. I’m trying to be patient but I have a feeling something’s not right here… 🙁

    • Gus Me

      I had the same issue while trying to jailbreak with all my info on phone. I know they suggest a clean install, but I had seen that others had been able to jailbreak without a clean install so I tried as well. I let it run overnight and nothing, bar sat there all night as yours is. I then did a backup, restored as new, and was able to jailbreak in 5 minutes or less. I installed cydia, restored from backup (which was another mess) and now have a jailbroken phone. Good Luck!

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m gonna try backing up my iPad 2 in iTunes, restore it as new and then try jailbreaking with absinthe a second time to see if it works then. Been wanting to jailbreak my iPad 2 for the longest time but I thought the other method though terminal with codes was too complicated so I was happy to see that a simpler method was available. But it’s very frustrating when I run into problems like this 🙁

      • I made a fresh re-install of iOS 5.0.1 on my iPad 2 and this time absinthe actually takes me further past the “Beginning the jailbreak, this may take a while” thing but it keeps crashing when it gets to “Preparing jailbreak” when my device reboots. Extremely annoying!

  • easy and fast

  • Anonymous

    am sad i have tried many times and every time error (windows 7)

  • Nikita Lebedev

    Yeah, very easy… Finally my iPhone is jailbroken…

  • i am getting white icons and every time i restart i get some diff app going white;( any one got a clue???

    • Anonymous

      me too

  • Anonymous

    Sorry if this is stupid to ask but I am really planning to jailbreak my phone and it is the first time. I would definitely need to know the answers to some questions before I get down to doing it.

    1. After a, restoring as new phone b, jailbreaking it, 3, restoring the old backup copy from iTunes will I have all my settings restored (including all apps and all settings and all locations, etc.) AND the Cydia app too?
    2. Is it possible that some apps I now have will stop working altogether?
    3. Is it possible that the phone operation will become unstable?

    Thanks a lot for any help.

    • Gus Me

      Answers to your questions based on my experiences with jailbreaking since the 3g and from reading sites like this.

      1. Yes, I just did it exactly like this and Cydia was there and accessible. (I just backed up my data using datadeposit, backed up SMS, synced Contacts, Calendars, etc.. and in the process of reinstalling only what I plan on using. This should give me a more stable phone, and hopefully one with more space, and a little snappier)

      2.It is possible, but you won’t know which ones since it’s pretty much impossible for them to test the jailbreak with ALL the apps. It seemed to be pretty stable, and some bugs have been reported, but they don’t seem to be anything extreme.

      3.It is possible, and will likely occur when you start installing and uninstalling cydia apps. It has happened every time for me, but I know it’s an issue with my installing too many cydia apps. It just seems to bog down the system over time, and has happened to me every time I jailbreak. Some might say it never happens to them, but for me it’s not been the case, but I know it’s due to me installing/uninstalling more than the jailbreak itself.

      Hopefully this helps you, and hope that you go through with the jailbreak, it’s definitely worth it! 😉

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. For the moment I am a bit still discouraged by the instability / imprecision issues as well as having to reinstall apps one by one because I have already created a folder / app system I would not like to give up. Thanks a lot anyway again.

      • Gus Me

        If you restore from backup (hopefully last one you do before jailbreak process) your apps folders will all be how you have it now. A few apps may not come over (at least some didn’t for me) but the majority will be how you have them now. What folder/app system do you have setup? Any chance for screenshots? Always looking to improve mine 😉

      • Anonymous

        Hi Gus Me,
        Thanks for this reply again. Actually it is not such a special folder/app system, it is just very personalised. I will wait a bit still to see what problems others might run into and then just make up my mind. 🙂

  • Am i the only one that have the feeling that the battery life after jailbreaking is better then stock? Its really wierd!

  • Can anyone tell me how I can use my T-mobile sim card on my 4s? I’ve already jail broken it. Thanks!

  • Hi, I’m a jailbreak noob, and I have a couple of questions for anyone who can give me some advice:
    – Is this jailbreak reversible? Like if I do it and I want to revert to the original iOS 5.0.1, is that possible?
    – If I want to unlock my phone in the future, will that be compatible with this jailbreak?

  • Just a quick ? Does my PC need to be connected to the net whilst I jailbreak my 4S?
    Cheers in advance

  • Thank you guys, works perfect, but i have to do a clean reload of my ipad and then apply the jailbreak.

  • does anyone know when the redsnow program will be released yo jailbreak

  • ive been trying to jailbreak my iphone 4s for quite some time now but the im stuck at the absinthe is settings things up

  • Anonymous

    Problem for me… everthing went fine, up until the point where I run Absinthe on iphone. It just sits there, the phone doesn’t restart and doesn’t install cydia. Any suggestions?

  • ranymb

    I heard that if i jealbreak, the wifi might not working, is that right?

  • Anonymous

    just jailbroke my ipad 2..

  • iamlynda

    JBed both my 4S and iPad2 on Saturday – worked like a charm!! So happy to have biteSMS back. Downloaded Springtomize2 – what a great app!! and today added Siri Toggles. Can’t get 5th line keyboard to work though 🙁

  • sometimes im having white icons i need to restart the sprinboard to bring them back to normal!… what about an update to fix that for windows users! (iphone 4s)

  • anyone know Jailbreak Ipad2 for Window plessssssssssssssssss!!!!!

  • its doesnt work for me on window !!!! can u tell me y ?

  • Anonymous

    Done. I jailbroke my iPad 2 in less than 5 min. Great job Chronic DevTeam!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, since all I really want is the Flashplayer, I have heard that the WiFi is affected, is this true ??
    Thanks in advance for your responses.

    • Anonymous

      Can anyone tell me?

  • THANK YOU worked awesome on ipad 2

  • really easy! thanx jeff! you and the JB team are gods! keep up the GREAT work

  • Ankit Sharma

    Does this work for iPad 2 – 5.0.1(9a405) + 3G .

  • I Spent a day and a half trying to jailbreak without a restore, restored the phone and the jailbreak took all of a minuet and a half.

  • can anyone tell me how to get installous after jailbreaking?….i ve completed my jailbreaking and it went fine…

  • Anonymous

    why the absinthe dont recognize my iphone 4s??? it pluged in

  • I have tried this over a half dozen times. followed all the steps correctly even erased absinthe off my computer restarted it, backed up my device redownloaded absinthe followed the steps again and it just keeps getting stuck on “Preparing jailbreak…do not touch device” will stay that way for over an hour and I will get the asinthe icon but it wont work bc the jailbreak never completes bc I just end up unplugging it after so long bc I have to use my phone. I have lost my pix and videos and so beyond frustrated. Wish I never did this.

  • Erginkara Selçuk

    pls help my Ipad 2 is finished to jailbreak but its not open again how can i fix it

  • Erginkara Selçuk

    ı fixed my problem iTunes Error 3194.

    1. Download and install iTunes on your Windows machine.

    2. Open Notepad with Administrator rights.

    3. Now, click on File menu and open the ‘hosts’ file from the following path.


    4. Copy this address and paste it in ‘hosts’ file.


    5. Save the file on same location. Restart the computer.

    6. Connect your iDevice to computer and try to restore or update it to the newer firmware.

    Edit HOSTS File on Mac:

    * Click Go -> Go to Folder and then enter path /etc

    * Now open HOSTS file with TextEdit and add the following line with at the end of the file as shown in the screenshot below.

    Once you are done editing, launch iTunes and restore the stock or custom IPSW.


  • Hi, I failed Consistency Check? How do i resolve this?

  • Anonymous

    wen i plug it in and about topress jailbreak it says sorry, this attached device is not supported. any help?

  • Anonymous

    y i cant JB my ipad ,, the absinthe always said i have to backup and i back up so many time but its not working !!!
    help me plessss!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hey all …i need help ..i bought a brand new IPHONE 4S 2day …i try since morning to jailbroke it useing Absinte tool but everytime i plug my iphone on my laptop through USB cable like im charge it and right click on absinte and run it as administrator it doesnt recognize my iphone !! knowing that i own windows 7 and using last version of Absinte tool which is 0.4 …is theres anything i hv 2 do it first so my iphone being recognized ? thank u all i hope 2 have quickly explain thanks