In general, App Store updates are a good thing; it shows that the developers are continuing to support their apps, squashing bugs, etc.

But if you have tons of App Store apps like I do, the constant updates can be more of an annoyance. What to do?

If your device is jailbroken and running iOS 5, check out Update Hider for iOS 5.

Update Hider makes it extremely easy to hide updates from appearing in the App Store. It relieves you of the stress of having to stare at the app update badges on your App Store app.

Even better, it only blocks out the current update for any particular app, so that if a new updates comes out after you hide the previous one, you will still be notified.

The update hiding can easily be disabled by means of the Settings app as well, so don’t fret, you can always restore your updates when you want to deal with them.

Update Hider for iOS 5 is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. I certainly recommend it for those with tons of apps, what about you?

  • Nice little tweak

  • Greg Warren

    Great for when new versions break/remove functionality from old versions, and you really don’t want to update.

  • Hallelujah brothers and Sisters, we been waiting a long time for an app like this. Muchos Kudos and it’s free too.

  • yilmaz fard

    Hi i have two questions…

    first of all i’m on 5.0.1 iphone 4

    1) if i jailbreak my iphone will it “restore” my phone? will all the apps, music, photos contacts etc be deleted? or will it just add the cydia icon?

    2) so lets say that i have jailbraked my phone and the new update, 5.1 gets released, will i be able to update to 5.1 without trouble? will my phone get “restored”, will things get deleted (i know that apps that are from the cydia store and such gets deleted and the cracked apps), like contacts and etc?

    i’m thankful for any answers

    btw english isn’t my first language so yeah, kind of selfexplanatory…

    • Anonymous

      ans. to #1 ques..
      NO,, it will not deleted,, unless u do backup’ing first,, before you jailbreak,,

    • Anonymous

      ans. to ques. #2
      a big NO again,, unless you do backup’ing,, so, back-up first before do anything,, when u done retoring your iphone,, itunes will asking you or theres an option you can get your BACK-UP FILES,, ok? mackey:)

  • So why do we need it? I think it’s really good to know if there is an update available for your app and it’s free to update anyways, maybe it’s for ppl who pirate their apps from Install0us… just being honest..

    • Dan

      kind of have to agree on this one

      • if you have a “trial” app you “obtained” from installous or something… itll stop those from popping up since it will charge you if you do agree to update

  • Anonymous

    ok, so ive installed and hidden the apps through the settings but the badge notification is still showing on the app store icon. if this is how it works whats the point .. or am i missing something?

    • no thats not what this hides. those are BADGE notifications… you can disable those through springtomize or winterboard… this actually removes the metadata so when you open the App store, they wont show up in updates.. although technically since this gets rid of the updates you shouldnt be seeing the red badge notifications.

      • Anonymous

        just opened the App store updates page and they’re no longer listed which also removed the badges. now you’ve mentioned metadata that ties in with a tweak i used to use but which stopped working after iOS 4.1 – MetadataRemovr. thanks for the help

  • I realy like to know if there is a way to update all app from appstore with one click??

    • There’s already one. You know the button that says “Update All”?

  • Anonymous

    deleted: double post

  • rashidian

    very tanks