We already warned you, but it might be the right time to remind you again that iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners should update to iOS 5.0.1 asap, should they want to be able to jailbreak, when that A5 jailbreak is released.

According to recent reports, the Corona exploit has been patched in iOS 5.1. This means the upcoming jailbreak will probably work on iOS 5.0.1 only, and if Apple released iOS 5.1 before the jailbreak is released, then you might get out of luck and unable to jailbreak. BigBoss explains:

Apple is due to release 5.1 soon. When that happens, they will stop signing 5.0.1. This means you will only be able to restore to 5.1. 5.1 breaks the upcoming jailbreak. If you are currently a 4s owner or an ipad 2 owner, you will want to get your device to 5.0.1 ASAP. This way when the jailbreak is released, you will be able to use it. If you do not restore to 5.0.1 now, in a few days when 5.1 is out, you may never be able to get from 5.0 to 5.0.1 and only option will be to wait again.

You can either update over the air or by syncing your device with iTunes.


  • Won’t you guys have the 5.0.1 IPSW available for download? (I apologize if this is a stupid question)

    • Extras -> Downloads -> iOS Firmwares…

      • Right. What I mean is, if it’s available for download…well, I guess I’m not fully understanding the significance of Apple signing the iOS.

      • once you install the firmware it basically asks apple if its ok… if apple is not signing the firmware it rejects n apple says its not ok lol

    • That has nothing to do with it. You can have the IPSW all you want but you wont be able to restore in iTunes without getting an Error once Apple stops signing Firmware 5.0.1.

      • Ok. That makes a little more sense (and I’m just trying to learn, not trying to argue) but if I’m JB’ing via RedSn0w, using this as the base for my custom IPSW, then where does iTunes come into play?

      • Apple is signing 5.0.1 when 5.1 is public they will only sign into 5.1 SHSH, you should save 5.0.1SHSH for the future, you’ll be saved.

      • Tunji Yusuf

        can i just save my shsh blob thru cydia or tiny Um, or do i absolutely need to upgrade to 5.0.1?

      • peelosty

        You absolutely need to upgrade before apple release 5.1 to the public if u have an A5 device, because at this point saved shsh blobs for ios 5 on A5 devices are “sort” of useless, because developers haven’t figured out a way to implement them in iOS 5 if you want to downgrade or upgrade. So if apple release 5.1 and u still on 4.3.3 on iPad 2, or 5.0 on iPhone 4s or iPad 2 then u won’t be able to upgrade to 5.0.1. You will probably have to wait for iH8sn0w to figure out how to implement those shsh blobs into a custom built ipsw. If you are in iOS 5.0 there is no point to hold up on 5.0. Upgrade NOW!! But if you are on comex 4.3.3 untether on ya ipad2 then I can understand why u are a bit hesitant to upgrade to 5.0.1 cos the “dream team” are still ironing some issues on the final untether jailbreak for A5 devices and you probably still wanna enjoy ya untether on 4.3.3. I held up my 4.3.3 untether on my ipad2 for a while but I finally upgrade to 5.0.1 lastnite and it really sucks without any sort of jailbreak, I haven’t looked at my ipad2 all day!!! But I don’t want to miss out on 5.0.1 untether jailbreak in case apple release 5.1 while I’m asleep so I went ahead and upgrade lastnite…….lol!!!

    • Good question.. Im interested too

  • Alaa Ezzedine

    Guys we are fed up from waiting when this jailbreak will come out …

    • No. HE is fed up. HE does not speak for the rest of us that appreciate the work that is going into this.

      @Alaa – Do not EVER try to speak for me, or the rest of the jailbreak community!

    • Anonymous

      No one is making you wait around. Get on with your life.

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow is my birthday. It would be the best birthday ever if the 4s jailbreak came out today or tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent Birthday Present!!!

  • Mark Waggoner

    So is there a way to save iOS 5.0.1 so that if you restore your phone you can download iOS 5.0.1?

  • Anonymous

    Hi everyone. For some time I have been reading about how the SHSH blobs won’t be enough to restore a jailbreak once Apple stops signing a particular firmware. Something to do with an APT Ticket. Has this issue gone? Why are we able to restore if Apple had put up another barrier? How was it overcome? Anyone understand how it all works? Thanks.

    • peelosty

      From what I understand apple has changed the way the apt tkt is signed with ios 5, meaning it’s a little bit hard to downgrade from say 5.1 to 5.0.1 or 5.0.1 to 5.0. even with saved shsh blobs. So far I believe with Ifaith u can create a custom ipsw with a signed apt tkt and the shsh blobs all combined, which u can forever use install 5.0.1 on any A4 device, also I believe u can do the same through stitching using redsnow. The problem is with A5 devices (4s and iPad2) the developers haven’t figured out a way to make those shsh blobs useful, so even if u use tiny umbrella to save the blobs, at this point it won’t help u much. That’s why it’s very vital to upgrade to 5.0.1 if u have 4s or ipad2, cos if apple release 5.1 and stop signing 5.0.1 then your only option is to upgrade to 5.1 at that point and you will end up missing out on the ‘dream’ team unthtether jailbreak for A5 device which is due to be released soon….how soon I guess it’s up in the air, but from the look of things not very far away!!! I hope this helps u a bit!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the message is quite clear here. Simply upgrade.
    If there was any path which allowed us to keep our current version and allow an signed upgrade at a later date than it would have been mentioned on iDB or through some other jb info source, but so far there has been nothing to that effect.
    The main issue is that Apple just won’t accept any devices to install versions other than the latest version at the time; 5.1 in this case. That seems to be about the sum of it.

  • Don

    I was wondering, since apple introduced these “over the air updates”,
    would it be possible for apple to auto-update your device, once a newer version
    is avaiable? So far they wouldnt have had the need to do so,
    but once their flagship, the iphone 4s is jailbroken, they would have
    the motivation to forcefully update your firmware to 5.1 …

    So has anybody heard anything on this?

    • peelosty

      I don’t think they can and they won’t even dare….. Have you ever tried to update on iTunes??? You have to agree to all kind on disclaimers (like you not gonna make a weapon of mass destruction with your iOS file) so apple can’t force OTA updates on anyone, you essentially have to agree to any sort of updates before the firmware will even start to download on your device…..and I’m sure some lawyers will be ready to milk apple a bit if they start forcing OTA on customers without their consent!!! I honestly don’t think so!!!

  • Truly appreciate all the answers here. Thanks a bunch
    My question is this: if I upgrade my ipad 2 today, can i revert to 4.3.3 ?

    • peelosty

      If u have ya shsh blobs saved then yes……if you haven’t then use tiny umbrella to save it asap

      • Removed my question, thanks for that response.

      • ok, understand e part abt rolling back ipad 2 to 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 if shsh blobs are saved.
        but when e jailbreak for 5.0.1 is available, how do we go abt upgrading back to 5.0.1 so that we can do e untethered jailbreak for ipad2?
        please help!!! my tiny noob brain is not getting it.

  • SO….if you have your 4.3.3 blobs of your iPad 2 and the firmware file for 4.3.3 can you downgrade back to 4.3.3 after you upgrade to 5.0.1?????

  • after my iphone 4s upgrade to ios 5.01, will got sim failure problem! one day at least show 6 to 9 times! then i have to restart my phone to solve this problem. why? anyone here can help? thanks!

  • Why after upgrade to ios5.01, my 4s will show sim failure. And have to restart the phone to solve the problem. Help.

    • peelosty

      There are 2 versions of 5.0.1 for iPhone 4s…….one of the ipsw 5.0.1 versions is specifically built to solve the sim failure errors…… Make sure u reinstall using that specific version, I believe it’s ipsw 9A406. U can download it from idb, go to extras-downloads-iOS firmwares

  • i have done that a month ago lol

  • To be safe, just save your shsh blob before update any IOS firmware.

  • Bala Bosch

    What about if you would like to unlock your iPhone 4s? Should you still upgrade from 5.0 to 5.0.1?

  • Anonymous

    I have a iPad 1 and a iPhone 4. Will I be able to update to 5.0.1 even after 5.1 is released ?
    I won’t be able to update before beginning of next week when I am back home.

  • Question, Can’t I just stitch my SHSH blob to iOS 5.0.1 and then when the jailbreak is available “shift+restore” to iOS 5.0.1 using the stitched ipsw

  • Ayush Singh

    Okay I have an iPad 2 on comex’s untether 4.3.3!
    Just one question, is it possible to downgrade back to 4.3.3 after updating to 5.0.1 to save the shsh?
    PS-I don’t have any shsh blobs for any iOS!

  • if i update to 5.0.1 on my unlocked ipad2 64gb/3g/wifi will i still be unlocked?

  • i just bouthg an iPAD 2, and it comes with standard ios 5.0. I have been doing my research and you can only jailbreak ipad 2 running 5.0.1. My issue is the latest version itunes gives you is 5.1 and i want to update it to 5.0.1! is there any way of doing this? i have the ipsw for 5.0.1, but then i shift + Update on itunes it doesnt allow me because ( version 5.1 is already available )