This is kind of interesting. The JakartaGlobe is reporting that three of Apple’s Singapore-based carrier partners are planning to offer camera-less iPhone 4S models to their subscribers in the near future.

While this removes one of the handset’s biggest features — its 8MP camera, it does make the device more appealing to the the military crowd. Which is perfect, because that’s exactly who they’re targeting…

From the JakartaGlobe report:

“Following a year-long review, Mindef [the Singapore Defense Ministry] recently issued guidelines to its servicemen on the use of such smartphone. It is understood that servicemen with these phones must show a certificate to prove that their handsets were modified by any one of the local telcos.”

But it’s not Apple modifying these things, it’s the carriers. They’re taking the handsets and disabling both the front and back cameras. And then they’re selling them for a premium.

The camera-less iPhones are the perfect solution for any company that deals with highly-sensitive materials, not just the Singapore Military. RIM has been manufacturing camera-less BlackBerries for years.

It’ll be interesting to see if this trend catches on. It would certainly help Apple make further inroads into the government and enterprise markets.


  • There is no point to have iPhone 4S without camera…

    • Anonymous

      Unless, like the article states, you are in the singapore military or in any other scenario where cameras are not allowed(I’ve worked some jobs where we had to check in any camera phones at the front desk)

    • My dad’s company of 10,000 employees doesn’t allow camera phones past security, for privacy reasons. Everyone there uses Blackberrys but they all wish they had iPhones…

    • i work in a courthouse. i am not able to bring in any phone with a camera. pretty much makes my iPhone useless because its always in the car. ideally i wouldn’t won’t one without a camera but seeing as i can’t use my phone mon – friday from 8-5 i would buy it.

  • fail! that iphone has no screws

    • You can still take it’s got tork screews..

      • im gonna say fail to the guy that said fail!

      • theyre not actually Torx screws. they’re an Apple Proprietary screw head ….. they’re VERY similar to Torx, but are not …… Torx are 6 point, the iPhone screws are 5 point …..

      • But you get my point…it can still be opened up..

  • mattsuperman148

    Is it me… Or does an iPhone with no camera feel wrong 🙁

    • I’m with you there. Only reason I replaced my destroyed 4 with a 4S was because the camera on the 4 was destroyed when it got run over

  • Anonymous

    Yeah.. I’m from Singapore but what happen is that one of the local telco (M1 or Singtel “can’t remember”) released the price list at telco website about iPhone 4s without camera. Few hours later, they pull down the price list but its already caught by the attention. Even appear from the news. At first, I thought its was true but later I think again.. I don’t think Apple allow telco to do any mod to their product as terms stated.

    Anyway, I’m not too sure about this as I don’t think our local telco willing to do this.

    Sorry if I’m wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Our men needs 3g during book in. lol.

  • No camera? What’s the point then? Siri is only fully functional in the US, so there isn’t that either. Might as well get an iPhone 4.

    • But the iPhone 4 had a camera too!(plus one choice of capacity)

      • Heck, all the iPhones had cameras. This is like… the iPhone -1G

  • Last thing we need is soldiers with cameras. God forbid they record something inhumane or illegal.

    • Anonymous

      um, to late. have you not seen some of the videos floating around the internet.

    • like urinating on dead Taliban / Al-Queda soldiers

  • Anonymous


    • Kok Hean

      Or you can just get a backup phone without a camera. Simple as that.

      • Honestly I agree. Backup phone is more worth than an iPhone without camera for 2 years..

      • Anonymous

        We have these cheap nokia phones at 7/11 but they don’t have 3G. And that is also why i removed the camera from my old 3GS so that i can use it during weekdays and switch back to 4s during weekends.

      • Anonymous

        Duh, no kidding.

  • I think it’s good because I live here and would need to find a camera less phone. Although they shouldn’t just remove the camera, they should offer it at a lower price..

    • Anonymous

      They won’t lower it because M1, singtel and starhub paid people to remove the cameras and they are charging more for the service.

  • Anonymous

    no longer free 3G in singapore….:(

  • Jon Garrett

    +1 for America and FREEDOM.