Shazam made its name as a music recognition engine, helping users find tracks based on the music that was being played at a club, on TV, or just about anywhere. The software was one of the first in the App Store, and certainly one of the biggest success stories of its generation.

As the years have passed the app has seen new features added, and the download numbers have continued to increase. Now the team behind that app has released a new, improved music solution called Shazam Player, and we’re going to go ahead and assume it’s going to be just as popular as its older brother.

Shazam Player is built to completely replace the iOS music player, taking over music playback duties and adding in that Shazam magic, with social aspects thrown in for good measure.

After installing Shazam Player, the app will go off and scan your entire music library, checking it for tracks that have LyricPlay support. While the app will import your entire library, those that do have LyricPlay support will be marked accordingly, so you can check at a glace which songs you can sing along to.

The app also allows the creation of playlists, as well as sharing of tracks across various social networks. YouTube is also supported, meaning users can search the video site for the track they are listening to, which is great if you like 80s music videos!

Shazam Player is available to download in the App Store, and costs absolutely nothing.

  • Sounds good but it is available only on AppStore USA
    Just tried to download here in Australia but no luck as yet

    • Anonymous

      Make a US account and you can download it.

  • David Villamizar

    sounds just like soundhound’s current offer.

    • No Whammy

      Shazam and SoundHound are constantly leap frogging each other. This may put Shazam back into the lead for a bit. The crap part is Shazam is always messing with how you use the app. There was free version, then not free, then free again, now a second app? SoundHound has been pretty damn consistent and typically a little ahead of Shazam…yet many don’t know about it.

  • Fausto Pinto

    Not available on the Europe Store