Apple’s App Switcher is a bit on the anemic side when it comes to features. Proof of that comes from the wasted real estate that sits above of your App Switcher just dying to be utilized.

Of course, leave it to the jailbreak community to actually make good use of this wasted space. That’s exactly what SuperSwitcher aims to do, and as you’ll see inside, it does it quite well…

SuperSwitcher allows you to add up to 9 bookmarks to the top portion of your App Switcher screen, and also affords you options like restart, respring, and safe mode.

There are also a few toggles and shortcuts to new mail, new SMS, and Google search thrown in for good measure. I was able to test all of them except the phone shortcut due to my iPhone 4 lacking a SIM card at the time.

SuperSwitcher isn’t the prettiest jailbreak tweak in existence, but it does get the job done, and it certainly beats all of the wasted space that Apple leaves for the App Switcher.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone running at least iOS 4.2, it can be had for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Would you use a tweak like SuperSwitcher, or do you prefer Apple’s more minimalistic approach to the App Switcher?

  • Does it work in an active app?
    How well does it work with zephyr?

    • jose castro

      i used it since super switcher came out and it works greats, and also it does work with active apps .

      • Thanks!
        Definitely gonna get this
        I wish the interface was more elegant..:/

      • jose castro

        ya i hope they makes themes for this tweak

    • it works perfectly with zephyr, and also inside and app

    • Eric Morgan

      With zephyr the is a pause before the shortcut apps appear, though not with the tray coming up. If you double tap the home button both the tray and the shortcuts pop right up simultaneously. I’m using an phone 4 with these results.

  • jose castro

    works great with zepher

  • Looks useful. I’m going to give a try.

  • Looks like this could almost replace sbsetting ..just needs a few more options in there and you done…
    Could you please on the home page of iDB have a section of the latest tweaks or worth having tweaks to use…there are so many now I forget which ones I would like to try when the jailbreak comes out for the i4s

  • Dan

    had this one for a while, it’s quite useful

  • Joshua Rawlings

    Have loved this tweak since its release!