iDownloadBlog is pleased to announce, in collaboration with Max Borges Agency, our giveaway of the Satechi R1 Stand for 7 to 10-inch tablets. The versatile arm hinge stand works with both the iPad and iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, HTC Flyer, and many other tablets.

The stand, made of solid aluminum, is case-friendly and has rubber grips to safely secure the tablet in place. The Satechi R1 stand normally retails for $49.99, but we’re going to give you the opportunity to win one for free… 

How to Win:

Step 1: Like iDB on Facebook.

Step 2: Follow iDB on Twitter.

Step 3: Share this giveaway with your friends on Twitter by clicking this link.

Satechi’s R1 is adjustable in both height and angle, allowing for you to use your tablet in portrait or landscape mode. It is a great accessory when using a wireless Bluetooth keyboard with your tablet, or if you’re simply watching movies, using FaceTime, or browsing the web. Best of all, it folds away when you’re not using it for easy storage and traveling purposes.

For an additional chance to win, post a comment explaining what tablet you have, or want most, and what you would use the Satechi R1 Stand for. Make sure to include your Twitter handle in your comment.

The giveaway concludes on Sunday, January 15th at 11:59 PM EST (GMT – 5:00), at which point a random winner will be selected and contacted for further instructions. Those entering must have a US shipping address in order to claim the prize. Good luck!

  • I would love this stand for my iPad in the kitchen. @jukie

  • ..l.. Im from Holland.
    Atleast I’ve got weed

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Its all about CA KUSH

  • I would love this ipad stand for my ipad so i don’t have to break the screen again.


  • i would love the stand because i just got a bluetooth keyboard for my ipad 2 and it would be very nice to use with my school work. i would also use it for facetiming with my family. You guys rock for keeping me up to date on the latest jailbreak info for my iPhone 4s and my iPad 2, thank you for doing what you guys do.

  • This would work great with my ipad! @anpenterprises

  • US only… I hate you.

  • I would love this to use in my office. @midnght69

  • PJC

    This stand would be great for my iPad every where. @The_Real_lini

  • Jobran

    i would love to use this with my ipad 1, to watch videos while in the office or kitchen 🙂

  • Thomas Gehman

    I’d love to use this for my iPad when I’m at work. Great stand to put it on and play some music! @tcgehman

  • Anonymous

    I’m using a clothes hanger as a stand. Do I really need one of these?… hell yeah. For those who are interested in the hanger stand

  • I have an iPad 2 and I plan on using for my kids.

  • rob fuqua

    I would love this to put my Ipad 2 on @Network305

  • I want one of these for my next purchase… an ipad3!

    ; p @patchcable

  • Anonymous

    @AppleBitsx4 – This spiffy stand would be just the ticket for my iPad to use in the boat cuddy! We are currently using something…well…manufactured from home. :-

  • Kok Hean

    I retweeted for fun. I DON’T HAVE A U.S. SHIPPINF ADDRESS!

    • Kok Hean


  • Dan

    bah… US only

  • i actually have a ipad 1 my son and wife use the hell out of it without a stand and it is a pain in the ass this will eliminate to put pillows in the of the ipad to make it stand…simply need it!!! @locomambo

  • Bought another ipad for my mother. She uses it in the kitchen. The stand would be great for her to use. Especially when cooking food for me to pick up. 🙂 @gavin_campbell

  • Anonymous

    I know this isnt the correct way to get one of these but:

    I should win, I don’t even own an iPad — however; if I win this $50 stand, I can tell my girlfriend… I have to buy an iPad now.. and I would xD

  • i would love this stand for studying, i have all my books in my ipad and also with my wireless keyboard @joelromanr

  • Timothy Williamson

    This would be great for my iPad1 especially when using it in the kitchen for recipes. @T_Will

  • I’m using an iPad 1, I would love to have this stand for using it in school on my desk, and being able to watch movies easier on my iPad! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Would be great to use as a stand while watching movies @jdshorrock

  • Anonymous

    I have an iPad 2 with a nice candy shell on the back n would love to have this dock in bathroom so I can enjoy my movies while I handle some light business (if u know what I mean)

  • I just want it! It looks awesome and even more awesome with my iPad:)

  • love to use this on my iPad

  • Anonymous

    @iculknfne on twitter. i have an ipad1 and i would use this to help me use my ipad for a second monitor for my pc. also my 4 yr old daughter loves to watch movies on it. it would be great to have something sturdy enough so she wouldnt be able to drop it trying to hold it while watching movies or playing games!

  • I have an iPad2 16GB 3G & WiFi, I would use the stand to my home office to use FaceTime with my friends even more.

  • Anonymous

    I want this stand for my ipad 2! @imk3s

  • John Reid

    I have an iPad 2 and would like it for my kitchen!

    P.S. Not everyone is a sheep that has a Facebook account!

  • Stu Rosenberg

    I don’t have anything to stand it on @seriestoo2

  • I have a side bed table and want to use Satechi R1 on ipad to watch movies, listen to radio and as photo frame.

  • Anonymous

    This stand would be great for my Ipad2 to put in my office. I have been in the market for a stand for my desk at work. I work in higher education for our military. it would be nice to have in class.. @Ancha_n_tokyo

  • I would love to have this for my iPad. It will be much convenience to watch video.

  • i have an iPad2 so i would love to used it with mi iPad! this stand its so Awesome cant wait to Win. @AEGOku

  • I’m using this with my iPad 2 at work and in the kitchen! 😀

  • This would be so sweet to have for my iPad 2!

  • Anonymous

    I have an iPad2 and would love to have this stand. I would use it in every way possible: Watching movies, YouTube, playing games, a second monitor, on my night stand using the Ambiance app while I sleep, in the kitchen and with the Bluetooth keyboard I am getting next week. @Ladyurbain

  • Theazn Yune

    I would use the mount my iPad 2 for better space use on my desk.


  • Anonymous

    @horrifi Hey IDB I’m 16 yrs old and want to get this stand for my moms birthday (she got an iPad 2 for Christmas). I live in Canada and I have been on iDownloadblog since IOS 4.3.3 and have followed all your posts 🙂 Thanks in advance, it would mean a lot!

    • Anonymous

      Oh btw I figured it would make a great gift for her to mount her IPad at work!

  • This stand makes my iPad 2 as a mini iMac computer. I got this iPad as a gift for christmas and I need the stand to watch movie and for other stuff. Twitter id is unified_kiran

  • i would love this stand to play angry birds on the table when im eating!! 🙂

  • I own an iPad 2 and this would be very useful to me because I actually use my iPad more than my laptop to watch movies, take notes, school work, socializing with friends, searching things when needed and much more. It would also help with the bluetooth keyboard I got the other day so that I could type things faster and without the trouble of having to find something to stand my iPad at a good angle without having to fuss with the angles I get with the case I have. And also thank you guys at iDB for keeping everyone updated with news, reviews, giveaways, and jailbreak because it really helps us out a lot!

  • I love this! I do a lot of reading and hate when I fall asleep and drop my iPad 1st gen to the floor. This would make life a lot easier. I want the iPad 3 when it comes our. Twitter name is @ dave01568

  • Anonymous

    I already posted but please I need it soon, her birthday’s comin up :'(

  • I have an ipad 2