Jay Freeman (known as saurik) has pushed an update for MobileSubstrate that addresses the crashing of jailbreak tweaks from Cydia on the iOS 5.0.1 untether. Coincidentally, RedSn0w was updated this morning with a fix for MobileSubstrate crash errors as well.

Users that are jailbroken on iOS 5.0.1 can install version 0.9.3955 of MobileSubstrate now in Cydia to fix tweak crashes. Another huge perk is that MobileSubstrate no longer requires that you reboot iOS every time you install or upgrade the package.

Long-time jailbreakers know the pain of having to reboot your iOS device every time MobileSubstrate installs or upgrades itself. That is no longer the case thanks to this new version.

Users have reported that certain Cydia packages crash on the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak, so this MobileSubstrate update should fix the issue. Saurik has also noted that Substrate is now compatible with the idea of a “semi-tethered” jailbreak, indicating the possibility of an easier jailbreaking process in the future.

  • I dont see the update

    • Manually search for It. Did you find It under ‘changes’ ? Because I saw It and upgraded MobileSubstrate to the new version.

  • Cris Ambriz

    went to upgrade and it shows message: i wasnt able to locate file for the mobilesubstrate package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.

    im on an i4 5.0.1 +corona+semi tether

    • Anonymous

      ^ loser ^

  • i found it but it still on version 0.9.3994 not version 0.9.3995 , and when i refresh i get an error , what should i do ?!

  • Anonymous

    Which cydia tweaks. I haven’t noticed any crashing other than StatusTweak locking up the phone.

  • I don’t see the update too. Help!

  • Turbo Fredriksson

    I got the latest version (from RedSn0w 0.9.10b3), but it still keeps crashing.

  • MT

    hey guys,
    I just update my iPhone 4 to 5.0.1 preserve baseband with Redsnow b3 (newest one)… then after jailbreaking the iphone with redsnow. and now the itunes.. Do not have the RESTORE function anymore… any ideas? the Restore button is faded out. and there is no restore from back up either. 🙁 plz help!!!

    • Anonymous

      You need to update the firmware of your Iphone to 5.01 using iTunes. Only then the restore will work. Download 5.01 from iTUnes & restore your iphone to factory settings. Then Jailbreak with latest redsnow. It will work.

      • MT

        I need my baseband ultrasnow unlock. it works with the 3GS. plus when I plug in my i4… the RESTORE buttons is faded out… so there no restore whatsoever… unless i go int recovery mode.

      • Anonymous

        You can continue without restore if your i4 is working fine as any update will lock your phone.

        Sync with iTunes. It will back up your data. You should be able to restore from back up now.

        In future, in case you would want to restore follow this:

        – Download latest IOS update using iTunes (do not click on download & update)
        – Restore button will be active

  • just got it, and instead of fixing, it keeps on crashing, before the update, it didn’t even crash.

  • I did install it but after quitting cydia there were 4 white icons in the bottom, “Setup”, “iOS Diagnostics”, “Fieldtest” and “Adsheet”, and i can’t delete any of them, is there any way to get rid of those icons?

    • Try respringing? It worked for me.

    • Anonymous

      Re boot your iphone. They will go.

  • I installed the MobileSubstrate update. My native apps, namely App Store and Safari, are refusing to open. Web links can open within apps like Facebook and Tweetbot, though. This is troubling! ))):

  • updated MS without any hitch. Not experiencing any issues like those commented below.
    Probably during your dowload process via cydia messed up?

  • After upgrading MS springtomize 2 no longer functions. I tried reinstalling, no luck. Any ideas?

    • same here anybody have a fix? Springtomize2 doesn’t work even after I respring or reboot. The settings i set aren’t applied.

      • Anonymous

        Try updating with latest redsn0w b3 version. It should work.

  • I just wish safari dl manager wouldn’t crash safari 🙁

  • My old 3G is freaking out at the upgrade. Attempting to even set it up results in the phone rebooting.

  • Good day everyone, I know this is not the right topic to comment on but I would really appreciate if you all could provide me some advice on upgrading my iOS 4.0.1 iPhone 3GS (New Bootrom) to iOS5.0.1 while preserving the baseband.

    I have been searching around the internet and I have came across a video which has provided steps to preserve the baseband via Redsn0w. I was just wondering if it is advisable to cook a custom iOS 5.0.1 firmware on Redsn0w 0.9.10, restore the new custom firmware to my AT&T locked 3GS, untethered jailbreak it through Redsn0w .0.9.10 and finally unlocking it with Ultrasn0w? Or should I just wait for an updated version of Sn0wbreeze to do the job?

    I would love to use Pwnagetool, but I am on Windows.

    • MT

      I have used redsn0w to make custom ipsw no baseband file and use it it to update 3GS to 5.0.1 then jailbreak it with redsn0w… it is perfectly fine.

  • Gave up on the Baseband 3.10.01 saving and decided to upgrade throught I-tunes. Redsnow Beta3 worked as promised and all apps along with Safari work to my liking. 🙂 However be weary of the purchased Cydia apps installed as all kinks have not been worked out by developers. Install each 1 at a time making sure all work properly after each install. This is my second update through I-tunes and second install of Redsnow Beta3. Dont forget to run on Admin which is just a right-click away after unzipping. Jailbreaking is so f’ing awesome!

  • fix or crash my springboard… trolololollolol.. after update it my springboard keep on crashing… =.=

  • Anonymous

    When I tried to install it, it downloaded halfway and crashed my iPod. Now my all my tweaks have no effect

  • i am trying to install ultrasn0w on iphone 3g and mobile substrate must be installed before that. anyway.. when i try to install this, it restarts my phone again and again.. what should i to? i`m really stucked in this..

  • Please help me! I need help!
    My iphone 3gs was stuck in connect to itune screen. i can’t do everything, eventhough DFU mode.
    My itune did not recognize my iphone anymore.
    How should i do?

  • Hi guys. My iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0.1 keeps respringing every so often and I have the latest mobile substrate with only a few tweaks like infinidock, infinifolders, five icon springboard and switcher, sbsettings, multiicon mover and mail enhancer. Does anyone have any ideas why this keeps happening. I’ve even totally restored the phone and jailbroke again with latest redsn0w 0.9.10b4 for windows. It’s really frustrating and any help would very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. James

    • hey did u get to solve ur problem? cause i have the same problem

  • i can’t get that the saurik source is empty please i can’t install ultrasn0w help me!!!!!!
    (iPhone 3GS iOS 5.0.1 Untetherd jailbreak)

  • I had the MobileSubstrate crash / Safe Mode issue. Started removing tweaks, found the culprit – LockCalendar. Hope this helps some people.

  • i installed mobile stubstrat (the new verson) and i am still crashing with most of the addons like live clock and 75% of the other addons i have. im using the ipod touch 4th gen model MC544LL… any suggestions or should i just do a wipe and reinstall everything.

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