If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep an eye on the weather forecast without having to load the Weather app or look out of a window, then you are going to love this!

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow the Notification Center weather widget to show up in the iOS lock screen, but there are plenty of jailbreak tweaks and apps that will do just that. What if you don’t want to jailbreak, though? Now there is a solution, and it’s made its way through Apple’s App Store, too.

Unimaginatively named “Lock Screen Weather App,” this app will do just what many have been crying out for – display weather information on an iPhone’s lock screen without the need to jailbreak anything…

So, how does it manage that?

The app actually works by playing a silent song via the built-in iPod app. The album art is then displayed in the lock screen, which is in turn updated depending on your location. It might sound like a hack – and let’s be fair, it really is – but it gets around Apple’s guidelines and actually seems to work.

The downside, obviously, is that if you have this activated then nothing else can output audio.

If you really must see what is going on outside just by checking out your iPhone’s lock screen, then the Lock Screen Weather App will set you back $0.99 and is available in the App Store now.

[Thanks, Ron!]

  • let see how long it takes for apple to take this down

  • Jon Garrett

    clever, very clever. I wonder what else they could do with it besides weather. if it becomes too popular though, apple will pull it from the app store and incorporate it into iOS 6.

    • “if it becomes too popular….” hahaha so true

    • Anonymous

      How could something so “HIDEOUSLY” put together become poular. It looks nice on the lockscreen, But you have to sacrafice too much to use it. When I can just jailbreak, and install a lockscreen addon that does the same thing ………..FOR FREE. And is nothing more or less than a lockscreen addon that takes no other function away…………Unlike this app does.

      This is more likely to piss off a large amount of people than actually become “popular”.lol

  • L F

    this is genius

  • Pretty cool idea, I wonder if it causes any battery drain though, since the “song” would be constantly playing. Still a nice app though!

  • So I can’t listen to music or podcasts anymore while this app is running in the background which will probably also drain my battery within a few hours…?! Are people really that obsessed with the weather and too lazy to look out the window…?

    BTW, the Tapbots devs used a similar approach about a year or so ago to keep the Pastebot app running in the background, but it never really caught on — so it’s really not such a new idea…

  • Anonymous

    Beware of this app. This is a “battery hog” and on top of that you end up with a “silenced” iDevice. Sorry, but I don’t like it. This is not for me; I am very happy with the “Weather Widget” in the Notification Center and The Weather Channel app.

  • L F

    this is why you jailbreak

  • Taylor Harris

    Here’s an idea… Why not have the application create an image file with the weather information every time the weather or location is refreshed and just set that image as the lock screen wallpaper? That makes much more sense to me than occupying the OS’s media player as well as resources.

    • Anonymous

      Appstore apps are not allowed to set your wallpaper unfortunately.

      • Yup. The idea is good but like you said, Apple wouldn’t allow to change the wallpaper

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to remove the “slide to read” lockscreen text??? I am using an invisible tap to unlock these for IOS 5, but when I receieve an email or something I always see “slide to read” jumbled up and it looks bad. Does anyone know how to remove those words? I have tried messing within the springboards.plst files but nothing has worked. Thanks in advance.

  • Tried it already …and deleted it already ..but it is cleaver on how it works..

    • Anonymous

      How it works is the exact opposite of clever…….I could have thought of that…………..But I wouldn’t do that…………..What a pain. A song you have to play………….contently to keep it on your lockscreen…………..Seriously…………..I would not do that to anyone’s phone………simply because I wouldn’t want it.

      • You have not noticed what I first put then ..tried it deleted it…it’s cleaver in how it works that’s it …yes it is a battery drainer and yes there are bad reviews . As for saying I could of thought of that , thats so after the fact that’s someone has thought of it and you didn’t …

  • Dan

    clever but its already getting some bad reviews. Apparently it changes the way the iPhone reacts by keeping it awake permanently, thus draining battery.

  • Why won’t Apple allow the same NC Weather Widget to be displayed on the Lockscreen? Judging by how using it with LockInfo, seems like there wouldn’t be any issues.

    Anyways, while the idea is nice, the implementation is abusive. This isn’t what the Audio API was designed for.

  • is there any tweak on cydia that do that? i want it, but i don’t have $ in iTunes :s

    • Anonymous

      There is a sh** load of tweaks in Cydia that do this and much more and better.

      Apple stock sucks………plain and simple.

      If I couldn’t jailbreak my iPhone…………I wouldn’t have an iPhone. i would have something else. What…….i dont know.but not an iPhone

  • Simon Reidy

    The idea behind this app is very clever, but its real world implementation has too many negatives.

    This is also a classic example of why I jailbreak. How absurd is it that an app devloper must resort to these kind of measures just to get weather on the lockscreen?

    Apple is long overdue for allowing devs to alter the lockscreen and/or allow custom 3rd party widgets for it and the notification centre. They could still do this while recquiring strict rules on what the apps could access and display, and do so without impacting security. But we all know Apple only desgns things the way THEY want them. So non-jailbeakers might get this ability by 2015 (if they are lucky).

    Thank @pod2g, @chronicdevteam and others involved with the latest untether/redSn0w. You make me happy I don’t have to install apps like this one 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was just going to buy this as soon as I seen this post………………..BUT……………

    2 out of 10 reviews are good. Everyone is complaining about how you have to open the app and enable it to get on the lock screen every time……It drains an ass load of battery………….And a few people said it was completely inaccurate. So I pass.

    I think I only seen 3 reviews where thay said it worked great…………….But who knows……………….Those were proly the dev’s that made the app…………………That happens ya know.

    • – It will not drain the battery if you keep it off in location services.
      – You can turn off the sound of this app easily so it won’t affect your music, by just going to the app and choosing silent.