Yesterday we told you about chpwn’s new jailbreak tweak entitled Zephyr. It’s a tweak that can easily enable iPad-esque multitasking gestures on all iOS devices running iOS 5.

Inside, we personally demo how easy it is to get multitasking gestures on iOS 5. It’s as simple as jailbreaking your device, and installing chpwn’s excellent tweak. You don’t want to miss this…

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch using RedSn0w. See our tutorial for more details.

Step 2: Open Cydia and install Zephyr from the BigBoss default repo.

Step 3: Restart your springboard, and start using multitasking gestures. You can change the way Zephyr works by adjusting the settings found in the Settings app.

We’ve personally used Zephyr ourselves, and we wholeheartedly approve. It’s very responsive, smooth, and feels like a native Apple implementation. It’s also great for you guys with malfunctioning Home buttons, just in case our Home button “recalibration” trick didn’t work for you.

At $2.99, Zephyr is a worthwhile purchase, and we can vouch for its awesomeness. Have you tried it out? What did you think?

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  • I agree with you, but it’s gonna be annoying when you play games. For example, you’re playing a game (eg. Fruit Ninja) and you accidentally swipe from the bottom or from the left or right. That is going to be a problem except when you close other apps, but you still have to watch out for the multitask bar gesture.

  • How is that smooth?!

  • nice if they improve it with different gestures..

    for now i’m fine with Activator (which is free)
    i assigned all 3 slide in gestures(from bottom, from bottom-left, from bottom-right) to bring up app switcher

  • yah it’s so smooth and the main reason i downloaded it is because of its file size around 60kb and my home button is kinda unresponsive. hoping for more!

    • have you tried Home button recalibration trick which is also stated at the end of this post? it helped all whomever i told 🙂

  • It won’t bother you during most games as it doesn’t work at all in landscape.
    It also lags a little after unlocking the device.
    Another thing that bugs me about sliding between apps is you have to wait for the current one to load before going to the next. Not the case with the real gestures on iPad.

    Your finger doesn’t even need to be off the screen to push up the switcher, it kept popping up when I was trying to use kb shortcuts.

    I’m sure these things will be worked out. At least I hope so. Other than that it’s a great tweak. Insanely great.

  • L F

    ive done that so many times, where im playing a game and i accidentally swipe upward and open the multitask. (i had it open with activator swipe up). Maybe he could add something like what the notification center does: you swipe down slightly in a full screen game and it brings down a small tab you can pull to bring down the notification center

  • Anonymous

    Maybe in the future with more features; as right now, FREE Activator is more useful.

  • Love it, cant wait for the ipad2 Jailbreak

  • seems like a nice JB app. Taking the double tap right out of the equation

  • I purchase this tweak today, after I saw that. Definitely one of the best tweak that I ever seen.
    Thoroughly worth 2.99$.

  • Anonymous

    The slide gesture is a significant improvement over the activator equivalent, in terms of recognizing your slide accurately. My only gripe is, as mentioned already, that there is a second or so delay after you’ve switched to another app; it is not immediately functional. This is tough to overlook, even though it may only be a second or so. Also, swiping between multiple apps is not iPad quick, as it appears each app has to load before you can switch to the next one. Hopefully updates address the issue, but overall it is a great start to a promising tweak.

  • mickey nguyen

    I love the swipe up. Much more sensitive and smoother than using activator to do the same thing. It would defrinitely be nice if you could swipe left/right continuously without having to wait for the app to load (ala iPad). It would be pretty much perfect.

  • Anonymous

    That’s exactly right. Which makes this “sort of cool” but not very practical compared to something like multifl0w’s cards style (although I personally prefer its Expose style).

  • Anonymous

    Reasons why I am going to uninstall this tweak include the following:

    – multifl0w’s card style is better, because you can see what is next, where the end of the list is, and dont need to wait for the app to load to go to the next page

    – This kills all of activator’s slide from bottom gestures (they will no longer function until the app switcher is opened first)

    – Application switching cannot be done on the springboard

    – App Switcher activation occurs when pulling the NC back up

    – App switcher activation occurs when moving list items (like rearranging the order of Notification modules)

    – Application switching activation occurs when swiping side to side in the NC if close enough to the side

    Again, this tweak is more of a “cool” thing like Barrel, but isn’t needed, especially since iOS 5’s app switcher opening is a lot faster than iOS 4s’

  • Brett Griffin

    This tweak stopped working (the swipe up multitasking bar) after the latest update to activator. A respring fixes it until you swipe to a new page on the springboard then it stops working again

  • Well, maybe if the gestures were with 2 fingers, it would be actually useful. With just one finger swipe, the teak is activated when swiping between pictures on the photos app, for example. That wouldn’t happen if we could swipe with two fingers. Maybe the settings for the tweak could let us decide how many fingers to use.

  • Honestly, I don’t think $3 is a fair asking price for multitasking gestures. You can enable the native ones for free.

  • Cody Cutrer

    Or just use multitasktures with activator. Not quite as optimized, but free and doesn’t conflict with activator (since it *is* activator)

  • Cody Cutrer