When you are as big as Apple, bad guys will always seek to use you as a means to take people’s money, and unfortunately there is a new scam making the rounds.

According to The Mac Security Blog, the latest method of stealing people’s money comes courtesy of fake emails which purport to be from the iPhone maker, claiming that the user’s billing information is out of date. Obviously, the “helpful” email offers a link that gives the lucky recipient an easy way to make things right.

Of course, that link doesn’t take you to Apple’s billing pages, but rather a third party who wishes to steal your information…

The message claims to have originated from appleid@id.apple.com, and looks worryingly legit.

Clicking the link will take you to a page asking for your credit card details, which you’ll obviously not want to do. The image below shows where the URL actually points to, and it ain’t apple.com. As always, it’s worth checking just where links are actually taking you, especially if they are asking you for your bank or credit card details.

Be careful folks, it’s a dangerous world out there!

Have you received one of these emails?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • No, I haven’t received it.

  • Hm. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks!

  • Thanks for telling us this!!


    • Anonymous

      Shut up already. It’s not easy to set it up, try it yourself and make a blog post and tutorial about it.

  • Anonymous

    it may be a dangerous scammy world out there, and thanks for the heads-up, but if folk are more than happy to readily hand over their financial details to every email requesting such information without verifying the source first then they deserve any financial losses they incur.