Corona iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Updated to Fix “Launchctl” Error

By , Dec 27, 2011

If you own an A4 device, chances are you spent your day jailbreaking. After months of waiting on a proper iOS 5 exploit, both the Chronic and iPhone Dev teams released untethered jailbreaks late last night.

There have been reports, however, of folks having some problems with the new untethers. One issue in particular, a “launchctl” error, has been fairly common. So Saurik has pushed out an update for the untether to fix it…

Saurik recently took to his Twitter account to explain the problems and the updates:

We haven’t noticed any problems with our devices, but those that are having issues may want to check this out (whether you jailbroke with Corona or RedSn0w). To get the update, just open Cydia and select the Changes tab. You should see the new Corona package version 1.0-3 populate at the top.

Are you having any problems with your jailbreak?

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  • Madhu Renduchintala

    Unable to download MyWi, SBSettings, etc. Is it just servers or do I need to re-jailbreak? I have an iPad 1, was loaded with factory iOS 5.0.1, and I used the redsn0w untethered jailbreak.

    • Matt

      just the servers overloaded with tons of people trying to do what you’re doing

      • Madhu Renduchintala

        Darn those people! :)

  • Sam

    What is the source for COrona

  • Stojan Beshir

    i have an itouch4 and im still on 4.3.5 and im scared of updating and jailbreaking because of all the comments telling about things not working well,broken devices,i think its just too buggy :/ should i do it or not????

    • Madhu Renduchintala

      Honestly if my iPad 1 would have come with 4.3.5, I probably would not have upgraded to 5.0.1.

      Unfortunately you may have to because a lot of cydia tweaks, apps, and App store apps may require you to have updated firmware.

  • Jim Bailey

    I am having issues with MobileSafari crashing after the update and untethered JB using Redsn0w. I have Corona 1.0.3 installed and all other safari tweaks uninstalled, but as soon as I open safari it crashes immediately back to springboard…

    iPhone 4, 5.0.1- JB’d with Redsn0w

    • Madhu Renduchintala

      Did you get rid of semi-tether?

  • Theron Moustakes

    WinterBoard will work, I have Installous working, iFile is working as is Activator… Here’s what doesn’t work for me, after the update to this newest Corona version: BigBoss and ModMy source is no longer empty, but many packages will not install (“Host Unreachable”) which, as others pointed out, are likely due to server overload errors rather than technical errors. My SBSettings finally installed just now, after about 20 tries getting many HTTP errors. Some themes are incompatible, which is no big deal. I guess patience is key with the popular sources and we’ll have to wait until the traffic decreases before we can install apps, like soundboards, CyDelete, etc.

  • Patrick Ochoa


  • JdMr Spacely Diaz

    what source do you need for corona i cant find it

  • Abou Al Wafa

    I have problem with ibook every time I jailbreak iPhone any one can help me???

  • Abs Pangader

    i have installed corona on my iphone 4 but it wont boot. i get stocked in the apple logo. when I used iboot it will get out out from the apple logo meaning my phone is not untethered. :(

  • Zareef Aziz Huq

    so should I wait a little before I jailbreak my iPhone 4 running 5.0.1? redsn0w keeps crashing when it’s uploading first stage.

  • Zach Oakes

    I’m running iOS 5.0.1 with no issues. But, when I go to install Corona Untethered 1.0-3, Cydia says it won’t install due to specifications not matching up (long story short, it says I must be on 5.0.1 to use the software, even though I am on 5.0.1). Any help?

  • Amogh Shettar

    Thank you … i untethered mine iphone 3GS IOS 5.0.1 …. i had Cydia installed earlier

  • James Lssa Erice

    Everything works just fine except for the fact that whenever I use multi-tasking/app switcher, my iphone 4 crashes into safe mode.

  • Anonymous

    I’m experiencing the same problem as Siju Ninan, my safari crashes following an untethered jalbreak of iphone 4. In addition’ I can’t install ifile, and what’s strange, when I hit a link opera mini opens (instead of safari). The open browser is, still useless, since it opens on it home location.

  • the riot gamer

    Everyone who has problem with MobileSubtrate Safe Mode, there is an update for MobileSubtrate which has the following: No reboot, no more respring or crashes! ENJOY! :-)

    • Meet Idnani

      I was facing the problem of apps crashing after siriport install…after a couple of hours of googling and going through various forums/blogs i installed “Corona 5.0.1 untethered”(the latest version) from cydia. I can confirm that did fixed the issue…all my apps working fine now :) :)