Some great developers from the iOS jailbreak community have put together a huge giveaway called iOSPromo for the holiday season. Filippo Bigarella, David Ashman, stm, Yllier, and Elias Limneos are all giving away multiple copies of their popular jailbreak packages for free to their Twitter followers.

The giveaway lasts for one week and includes popular jailbreak tweaks like LockInfo and Springtomize 2. More details after the break…

If you visit you can see all of the details for the giveaway. 7 of the best jailbreak tweaks are being given away for free to random followers on Twitter, so contestants must be following each of the jailbreak developers behind the giveaway to be considered. More details, including each developer’s Twitter handle, are included on the promotion’s website.

We’ve reviewed all of the included Cydia packages on iDB, and there are some classics included, like David Ashman’s LockInfo.

Here are our reviews for:

Not only are these all great tweaks for iOS 5, but they all come from excellent developers that have a real heart for the jailbreak community. Combined, these tweaks total about $20, so you have a chance to save on some essential packages for your jailbroken iOS device.

iOS Promo is giving away a grand total of 65 jailbreak tweak licenses, so there’s a good chance that you could win something. Each developer has noted how many licenses are being given for each package on the promotion’s site.

You need to tweet out a message and follow each developer to enter, so head over to!

  • I hope this is the one that could win

  • As you need your Cydia account number to give to the dev…I need a jailbreak to get my account number…


  • ralp alp

    follow the developers and retweet it right ? nothing more ???

  • Jobran

    do i have to follow all developers ?
    or only those who have tweaks i want ?
    some of the tweaks i already have.. ?


  • Anonymous

    Callbar and springtomize 2 omggggg.

  • How would this work out with iPhone 4S & iPad 2 owners that would like to join but can’t because of no jailbreak?

    Is it possible to at least get like a reserve spot for when a jailbreak comes out for us?

    • iPad 2 does have a jailbreak. 🙂

  • Hey Alex , u might wanna fix the links for Call Bar … its linked to the same link as SBRotator 🙂

    and thx for the info 🙂

  • Becky Rich

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