No surprise here. It appears that Apple has just pulled iMAME, the arcade game emulator we told you about a few days ago, shortly after it surfaced in the App Store.

Judging by Apple’s history with controversial apps, we figured it was only a matter of time before Apple removed it. Especially since iMAME can play illegally-downloaded arcade games…

Once again, there doesn’t appear to be any method to Apple’s madness. If iMAME was bad enough to pull from the App Store, why did it ever approve the application in the first place?

Regardless, what’s done is done, and there are plenty of other emulator apps available in both the App Store and Cydia. If you managed to grab iMAME before Apple pulled it, be sure to check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to add games.

  • D-D-D-D-Delete Spree!

  • Lucky for me, Installed it yesterday and got classic street fighter and dinosaurs on it ( My games from childhood )


  • Siv

    I’m sure you can still install it via Installous of you really want to.

    • lol if u hav a jailbroken device y not get a better emulator? this one sucks

      • Anonymous

        Lol true that, snes emulator for me or n64 when it’s finally out.

  • Max

    It doesn’t show up in the purchased tab anymore… 🙁

    • I think they fixed the issue with the purchased tab, few things that I downloaded earlier dont appear that anymore :S it is good to have your apps transfered to your computer by itunes

      (right click on your iDevice> transfer purchases and you’ll have a copy of your apps in your computer)

  • iOS devices can play illegally downloaded mp3s, i wonder why iDevices are still not pulled by Apple.