Reviews of Siri have been fairly inconsistant over the last few months. Some folks are in love with the feature, and others can’t stand it. But if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that it has massive potential.

Sure, Apple’s digital assistant is currently extremely limited — it’s still in beta. Remember, Siri is crowd-sourced. It is constantly learning. So it wouldn’t surprise us if Apple added functionality to Siri in the not-so-distant future.

With Christmas just a few days away, we figured it would be only fitting to create a wish list of 5 things we’d like to see Apple add to Siri next year…

There’s just two things you must know before we get started. One, these are feasible requests — things we believe are possible. That’s why you won’t see things like “make me a sandwich” on this list. And two, these are in no particular order.

1. Read Email – Siri can read text messages with no problem, so we found it odd that Apple omitted the ability to read emails. The assistant can search through your inbox and locate emails based on topics, but it can’t read them? Come on.

2. Launch Applications – This one is pretty self explanatory. From the lock screen, it can take 2-6 taps to launch a particular application depending on what screen it’s on and whether or not it’s in a folder. At the minimum, Siri should be able to launch native apps.

3. Toggle Settings – Since Apple insists on pulling all of the setting-shortcut apps out of the App Store, it’d be nice if it would give us a proper solution. We’d like to see the company add the ability to toggle settings with the digital assistant. Saying “Wi-Fi on,” or “Bluetooth off” would be much easier than digging through the various menus.

4. Third-party App Support – Without a doubt, adding this feature would have the biggest impact. If Apple opened up Siri’s API (even a small portion of it) to third-party developers, apps would finally have native Siri functions. Imagine being able to say, “I’m looking for a 500GB harddrive,” and watching products populate in the Amazon app on your handset.

5. Twitter Integration – We love Twitter. And we find it interesting that Siri doesn’t have the native ability to simply send a tweet. The social networking service is integrated into just about everything else in iOS 5, so why not Siri?

These are just a few of the features we’d like to see Apple add to Siri next year.

What would you like to see?

  • whats wrong with cydia ?

    • What is it?

      • cydia does not open

      • Anonymous

        Use redsn0w to just boot your iphone. I had this problem with my ipod 4g but i solved it by doing that.

      • @ skem
        no nothing same like before after i boot the device

      • Anonymous

        You mean your cydia opens and closes at will?

      • Anonymous

        Reinstall the jailbreak. Sometimes the installation may cook up some weird bugs.

      • Re-jailbreak for the correct software u used last time:)

  • Siri has been killing me everytime I have her say take a picture and she Frankly doesn’t know

  • Anonymous

    And all of these may come with a new software update. Which means you may not be able to jailbreak your iphone 4s.

  • I would like her on my microwave.

  • Yea,it will be great. This new features will make my life easier, but I think that apple should make different versions of languages,because English is not my native. And it causes some problems for me to communicate with Siri.

  • I found a nice little work around to use Siri to launch applications. Swipe left to the spotlight screen, raise phone to ear, speak the application, and Siri will dictate the application. Then tap on the application in the results.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t it be easier to just click the app icon?

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn’t it be easier to just click the app icon?

      • Not if you have a ton of apps, multiple screens, and/or are not sure what folder it’s in. I see your point, but sometimes it’s a little easier to use spotlight and with raise to ear, you just speak the app name, and there it is – no searching for it.

  • different voices would be awesome. for example, with the tom tom nav app, you can get them as add ons (homer simpson, yoda, etc.)

    i reckon it would be really cool having darth vader read my emails

  • siri needs additional languages

  • Anonymous

    they need to get the slang right first before adding anything. What’s the point if Siri doesnt understand you most of the time.

  • stewie pedia

    Ability to actually do something with having to physically unlock the phone first. Being able to read texts… Great. Having to take the phone out of my pocket to unlock it (which then only requires one more step read said text anyways)… Bollash!

    Oh the ability to understand “phone wife” without phone randoms would be a nice touch too.

  • Dan

    What would I like to see?
    Siri on iPhone 4.

  • Anonymous

    Wow it can’t load apps? I think most if not all of the Android voice apps do that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow it can’t load apps? I think most if not all of the Android voice apps do that.

  • For all of us living outside the United States it would be a huge jump if Siri just caught up to the feature set of the US version…! :-/

  • Anonymous

    Siri can twitter. All you need to do is add Twitter to your contacts and use ph # 40404. Then just ask Siri to send a message to twitter.