Apple is not going to rest on its laurels next year and will drive sales by introducing new, redesigned iPhone 5 alongside a whole new lineup of iPads, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster.

While simultaneously telling everybody something they already knew as well as attempting to look into his crystal ball, Munster claimed today that because Apple did not redesign any of its products in 2011 — the iPhone 4S is an iteration of the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 offers only cosmetic changes and faster internals — the company absolutely must make complete redesigns next year.

Munster also believes that Apple may decide to do away with its current offering of just one iPad in favor of a new lineup which could include new high and low-end devices to help give customers more choice…

Beyond the obvious conclusion that next year’s iPhone will be a redesigned shell and new internals, we don’t see much analysis coming out of the report, other than to suggest Apple may widen its iPad product line. We’re not sure why Apple would decide to do that. If Apple could do away with the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G iPad model distinctions, we are sure they would. Adding more choice is not something Apple is known for.

As far as sales predictions are concerned, Munster expects Apple to shift 142 million iPhones throughout 2012 and 66 million iPads. That’s a lot of iOS devices!

As we always say with analyst predictions, we suggest taking them with a pinch of salt. The suggestion that Apple will change the iPhone in 2012 isn’t really something that takes too much thought, and the iPad predictions, at least to us, are unlikely.

Of course, we’ve said that now, and everyone has seen it. We now expect to be telling you about the 34 new iPads in 12 different colors by the end of March!


  • Westin Bielecky

    First Comment!!! How fun!! New iPhones and iPads!
    Hey Apple watch out its 2012!

    • Anonymous

      I bow to your excellent awesomeness. Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. I think I will blow mine on something a little better than a comment.

      • Westin Bielecky

        Ha! how fun.

  • Derrius Anthony-Casey

    I’m sure he wasn’t referring to kolor ways as much as he was to size . High end low end , bigger skreen , smaller skreen ? More likely now that the 7 inch size has a little traktion with the ‘fire’ .

    • KewlDewd

      The letter “C” is your friend. Don’t fear it. Rather, embrace it.

      • KewlDewd

        (says the guy with the word cool spelled with a “k” in his screen name. tee hee)

  • grain of salt/pinch of salt has been used in 132 blog posts on iDB…please, enough is enough, use a new expression. thanks

    • In this case a crapload of sceptisism might fit the bill. There are so many reasons apple shouldn’t and wouldn’t go 7 inch budget iPad. Fragmentation, Apples premium bussiness characteristic, Apples reliance on older generations to fill the budget categary. Personally I don’t see the need for a screen size in between the iPhone and iPad. Those that do usually go with android.

      I’m more curious about a possible redesign of the ipad yes or no. It’s a rather new product line so kind of hard to tell. The iphone 5 however is a given.

  • OMG why you trust this stupid paranoid being