You may have noticed that Apple released an updated version of iOS 5.0.1 not too long ago, and with it comes some interesting news regarding security.

It appears that the new iOS 5.0.1r2 features decrypted ramdisks, which means that it now possible to write a script to download the 5.0.1 and extract the necessary files needed for a Siri port.

Since the download is publicly available from Apple’s server, the idea of a Siri port just got a lot more legal…

This is great news for those who want to do things the right way, instead of the questionable and downright illegal ports that have surfaced in the recent weeks for the iPhone 4, and other non-4S devices.

As to why Apple did this is anyone’s guess. It’s odd in itself that Apple would release an update to an already existing firmware — we don’t ever remembering that happening — and it’s even odder than they’d leave the new firmware susceptible when they know everyone and their mother wants a legally obtainable Siri port.

We’ll have more details as it breaks. Thanks to qwertyoruiop for the explanation.


  • Hope they figure out how to enable it 🙂

  • Siri on A4 FTW!

  • 🙂

    • Paul Maniscalchi

      yeaaaaaa budddy! . . . 4S is still required tho right?

      • no

      • Paul Maniscalchi

        qwertyoruiop – (obviously you still need a 4s or some valid 4s auth to get siri working. You’ll have to change keys every 24 hours as well). . . . Good news either way!

      • nah, i think now that it is decripted it wont be that hard to port it without the auth keys. my knowledge is a bit limited compaired to the folks that actually work the exploites, but I’m pretty sure there is a legal route to bypass the key requirement.

  • i’ll be damned! wow. i didnt expect that!

  • Siri on iPad2? kewl

  • when?

  • now, this is news !

  • this is great can’t wait 🙂

  • when i see all this happening (i think THIS IS AMAZING!!! I LOVE APPLE! ) but, i have a hunch about all this, i keep thinking that the only way Apple is doing this is because Steve isn’t around anymore, and i think thats why this is happening… sorry if i offend anyone

  • Could just be Apples way of doing a bit of research when your i4 hits there severs..they will know could ,but I doubt have your iTunes account suspended..
    Just a thought ..and at the end of the day it’s there T&C That you broke ..but who knows..

    • Anonymous

      Almost exactly what I thought when I read this. Everyone forgets Siri is beta, and even though it’s a 4S selling feature right now, it’s possible (notice I only said possible) that Apple might release it for other devices down the line. At this point they’re getting a reputation for piggybacking off the JB dev community, so maybe this “slip up” is to allow unofficial mass testing of Siri on other devices. This way the bugs gt sorted out, Apple keeps themselves free from the potential for thousands of users crying “Siri doesn’t work right on my iPhone x!!?”, and they get to implement all the code once someone gets it working properly. They may even find a new intern to hire. 😉

  • i think it could be some sort of trap for something just a @Burge said but who knows either way i want it

  • it will be good if some release a tol that bring us siri :c

  • Yes! I hate how people complain how siri isn’t that great. Siri is awesome.

  • Jeff you have a typo “— we don’t ever remembering that happening — ” It should be “— we don’t ever remember that happening — ”

  • NOW! we are talking iPhone! 😀

  • Maybe apple want more beta testers

    • that’s the ever stupid thing i read…

      • Kok Hean

        It’s not stupid, just think about this. There are clearly more iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users than the iPhone 4S. Siri is a beta on the iPhone 4S. Since it is a beta, Apple might have tried to make it a “mistake” to allow the Siri port legal so that more people can port Siri to their devices. To everyone, it looks like Apple unknowingly allowed the Siri port to be legal but it is possible that they are doing it on purpose to get more beta testers. Even though the port requires an iPhone 4S, I’m sure most of the iPhone users know a person who is using an iPhone 4S.

  • Anonymous

    Someone at Apple is getting a permanent vacation me thinks.

  • I can’t wait for Siri on my iPod!

  • Siv

    This is great new and all but why is everyone so hyped up about it? Have you all forgotten that the main obstacle is the lack of connectivity? This doesn’t solve that problem.

    All that we are left with is a legal GUI Siri port.

  • This is great news cant wait for it love siri, why apple did this, still a mistery, maybe they want more testers

  • They should call this firmware: Merry Christmas from apple

  • Vladimir Litvinenko

    Oppssss…With new release sim problem still persist

  • False hopes, even if its legal to distribute the files, you still need a 4S in order to get the auth key. So no progress has been made whatsoever.

  • Apple is just too lazy to port it themself, so they give the jailbreak pro’s some work.