Exactly one month after iTunes Match went live in the United States, Apple has started rolling out the music matching service internationally. Reports are coming in this evening that several countries now have access to the feature.

Apple first announced iTunes Match during its WWDC keynote back in June, and then eventually launched it in early November. The service has received mixed reviews so far, and has only been available to folks in the US. But not anymore…

Users in Canada, Australia, and Europe are reportedly receiving emails from Apple that iTunes Match is officially available in their areas. Prices for each region are being reported as such:

“Australia – AU $34.99/year

Canada – CAD $27.99/year

Europe – €24.99/year

UK – £21.99/year”

It’s worth noting that some users are running into issues with signing up for the service. In fact, 9to5Mac is reporting that the international rollout might have been a mistake on Apple’s part. One reader even claimed he received an email from Apple regarding the slipup.

But nevertheless, if you live in one of the aforementioned areas and have been waiting for iTunes Match to hit, it’s worth trying. You can access it by opening up iTunes (10.5.1 or later ) and selecting the iTunes Match tab on the lefthand side (hint: it’s under iTunes Store).

Do you live in one of the above areas? How’s iTunes Match working for you?


  • Anonymous

    Match registration was on my account for a while (Canada), but requests to register resulted in an error code (5002). An hour later and the registration option has disappeared. Slip up by Apple?

  • its gone live in New Zealand for $39.99
    iv not tried it myself
    waiting to see if anyone gets it working perfect

  • Nick Hoggan

    Why the hell is it so much more expensive for internationals? Why do we have to pay more?

  • I dont even see the “Match” tab anyways :S

    i hope this is a sign that it will come out soon!

    Regards from México.

  • Still not in Denmark…. ARGH!!

  • Anonymous

    Payment is smooth in Canada. Can’t add tracks to iCloud though, and I can’t download on my devices from the cloud either. Bummer.

    Also, the “iTunes Match” tab doesn’t seem to appear for anyone outside of the US 🙁

  • still not in Germany , bc fucking GEMA

    • Anonymous

      GEMA und BITCOM haben sich vorige Woche geeinigt. Vielleicht haben sie auch mit Apple eine Vereinbarung treffen können ?

      • Hoffentlich. Ich möchte gerne iTunes Match nutzen wie alle anderen auch.

  • The higher price for international customers is probably related to the “GEMA” and other european institutions asking money from Apple, for offering this service legitimately.

  • Anonymous

    Allowed me to sign up and ‘PAY’ then nothing… Disappeared and then gone!!!! Poor show!!!!