Dutch blog TopTienMobile has created a nice infographic entitled “The iPhone Evolution.” The large graphic takes a comprehensive look at how the iPhone has evolved over the years.

Info such as app downloads, international availability, new features, and more is included. Check out the full infographic after the break…


  • Marek Ratvaj

    love these infographics, but there are actually 500k apps availible in the appstore

  • the iphone is still using the same springboard since 2007… they should do a facelift.

  • Anonymous


  • Khalid Ejaz

    Iphone 4
    1 out of every 7 smartphone users

    There are 6 images of persons not 7. Out of which 1 is colored.

    Very professional.

  • Khalid Ejaz


  • 1 out of 7 use iPhones
    3 out of 7 use Blackberries
    4 out of 7 use Android
    2 out of 7 use Feature Phones

    • Anonymous

      Da fuk u sayin, “Willy”?

      Y u no make sense?

    • KewlDewd

      Let me guess…you’re not a math professor.

  • Actually the springboard has been evolving in every mayor iOS upgrade. Since iOS 1 and iOS 2 had the same. But in ios 3 the dock has different an iOS 4 and 5 had wallpaper and now notification center. Maybe the iOS 6 will have different effects like the jailbreak barrel tweak

  • Weird. Wasnt the 3gs running at 600mhz?