A couple of days ago we reported that Infinity Blade II has hit the App Store. Since then, it has received a lot of praise and almost perfect reviews.

However, there have been many problems with the game that people (including myself) have been experiencing. Some users have reported that the app crashes when opened on the iPad 1 and certain generations of the iPod touch. 

An Infinity Blade II update has been released addressing these issues along with various other bugs in the game. Though the game was updated, many people are still reporting that the app crashes at launch. However you can fix this by simply restarting your iDevice.

If you’re interested in purchasing Infinity Blade II, you can do so in the App Store for $6.99. This game will work with 3rd generation iDevices and up.


  • I’ve not jumped on the Infinity Blade series yet I might give it a try. Is it any good?

    • Anonymous

      Depends on your taste. If you enjoy having to do the same exact thing 100 times just to level up, over and over again, they YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST. If you’re like me and don’t believe in that crap, I would keep my money.

      Graphics ARE beautiful, but I wouldn’t buy it only for the graphics.

      • Anonymous

        “If you’re like me and don’t believe in that crap, I would keep my money.”

        o_O rofl, nobody could be like you b/c you’re the only one poor piece of sh!t.

        @Danny Anonymous , get it man, it’s awesome. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Ever heard of being underage and not being allowed to a credit card? Oh, ignorance is in the air on the United States of Scumerica. And for what’s worth, all humbleness aside, I’m pretty sure I have more money on me than you do, as your lack of education gives you away.

    • Anonymous

      For the price of 6.99 only?!! This game is worth more than 6.99.

      • It depends on if you are a gamer or not. If you don’t play 360 or PS3 and you’re only experience playing games is stuff like Angry Birds and PvZombies, then yes, you should get the game and will love it.

        However, if you are a gamer and expect this to be awesome, you will be disappointed. I got the first game and was incredibly bored after about 15-20 minutes. That’s how long it takes to the beat the game and master the system. The graphics were the only redeeming quality of this game for me.

  • Dan

    Nothing new, I don’t really think they are doing anything to fix the issue. All the heavy graphic intensive games crash on the old devices, they all they will work on it and nothing happens. IE: Epoch, Shadowgun, Infinity Blade 2… If you want to play them, get a new device.

    PS. Infinity Blade 2 rocks, for 6.99, get it. It’s a lot bigger than infinity blade 1, a lot more enemies and a lot more scenery, I haven’t really felt like I was doing the same thing since you can choose to go to different vistas.

  • Anonymous

    I went through the first one pretty hardcore for a while…. making sure to upgrade every time in order so I could maximize my XP….. I think I got through almost half the weapons before giving up…. just too tedius doing it OVER AND OVER AND OVER… its not like an MMORPG….

    I will only put that kind of blind leveling into something like Diablo 2 (or 3 whenever it finally comes out!!!)

  • actually you cant beat the game that fast dickface you have to actually play deeper and youll realize theres three chambers ro open and four more hard ass bosses to fight then it has actually been beaten…same for part two takes about two hours to beat if you play it non stop