Gizmodo’s Mat Honan writes about Siri, which he calls Apple’s broken promise. The whole article is worth a read, but here is the conclusion:

And for me, once the novelty wore off, what I found was that Siri is not so intelligent after all—it’s simply another voice program that will obey very specific commands. If it knows those commands. If it can understand you. And if it has a network connection. Were this Google, or Microsoft, I’d shrug. But it’s not, it’s Apple. And Apple is the company that sells perfection. It’s a company that usually keeps its promises, and in its Siri ads, it promises far more than what it actually delivers. That’s not what any of us signed up for.

No, Siri is not perfect. Yes, it’s unusual for Apple to release a public beta of a product. But at the end of the day, it’s still pretty darn good, and we know it’s only going to get better.

  • I hate talking to computers. I hate talking to them on the phone. I hate automated help services. I will hang up if I can’t get to a real person. So SIRI is just another useless app that takes up what little space there is.

    • you hate technology so much, then WTF are you doing here? Yo “princess”, get a life.. nobody gives a damn about your likes or dislikes…

      • Anonymous

        Thing is, the comments section is for opinions and comments on the article.

        Also, your last sentence is not only a generalization but an opinion as well.

    • Fausto Pinto

      Really Jay …. u dont need to have a iphone… u need to get a Dog.

  • Whats that?! That is not even a news… ispamblog. Sometimes it would be nice if you guys conenctrate on quality, and not rumors and other unimportant stuff…


    • Asad Shahab


    • Anonymous

      This is their blog, and if it’s related to iOS, they post it.

    • You do realize that the whole blog doesn’t have to be cold hard facts for every single article. Just because you don’t like this article doesn’t mean other people didn’t. Not every story will be 100% just for you. Stories like this are meant to share what the author thought was an interesting stance on Siri because everyone seems to like it.

      Don’t be a brat

  • Hm. I wonder How much google paid gizmodo to say that.
    I personally love Siri..

    • I doubt Gizmodo took a penny from Google.
      After all, they got the sh*t sued out of them by Apple,
      and their editor Jason Chen spent a couple of nights in a cell
      on the same account do to their purchasing of the stolen iPhone 4 prototype
      Back more than a year ago.

      I’d say that constitutes one hell of a grudge, wouldn’t you?

  • Asad Shahab

    And also OMG people get over it.. Siri is the first of its “THAT AWESOME personal assistant” kin,’ it’ll get better

  • Anonymous

    Sorry did I miss something? Whats the point of this artical?

    • artical? lol… learning your “typos” from gizmodo?

    • Anonymous

      Ummmm it was siri…ya, ya thats it, siri’s fault lol.

  • Gizmodo ran a negative story about Apple? No way!

  • Dan

    what did he expect, the invention of an A.I.? It’s the best voice assistant on the market so far.

  • I don’t use that function, although I think it’s good to have it, with an improved version of course.

  • locations for siri in the uk is shit it doesnt work! it doesnt search anywhere or tell you ur location!

    • just wait for a later version to support UK…
      at least you’re lucky to know that the second country that apple brings support for everything to is yours.
      the rest of us outside the states and UK have to suffer for months just so the products lunch here…
      iPhone 4S hasn’t even debuted here in malaysia yet…

  • I hate reading giz articles sometimes because they love to break up sentences with. Unnecessary periods. And start sentiences with “And”. ;D

  • U say this but Apple blatantly advertises on it site, under Siri that it is still in beta

    • And yet, Apple advertises and sells it like a full-fledged product.

  • Anonymous

    I impatiently waited for jailbreak solution to allow Siri on my iPhone 4 until I tried it on colleague’s 4S. Well, I expected more such as an abilty to call a cab on my behalf. I don’t whether Siri had problems understanding the name of the taxi service or there was some connection problems but after trying three times, I finally gave up. Talk about crappy beta product on overrated Apple product…

  • I found Siri to be very good. However is room for improvement.

    Before Siri: it was Vlingo, Drangon Go, etc.. same crap you have to speak like a robot with silly commands.

    After Siri: Lots of “smart AI” apps, specially in android, where every single week a new “siri-real-killer” appears, full of issues and force closes.

    About Gizmodo, lately they sound like a bunch of teenager girls, with articles with “this is what I hate… and this is why I’m hot”.. (like the Mims song, Lol). Don’t know what’s happening to Gawker but if this continues, Fox News (silly news level 98) will have new competition…

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s been dumbed down a lot, and they often use crazy or misleading headlines just to get page hits.

  • I agree with this article. It seems different for Apple to release something half-baked. But I also think that they felt that if they introduced it, it would force updates to be released instead of staying a half baked project in the back of the closet like most things. Also, they needed something riveting to throw in for people to buy the 4S.

  • Daniel

    Living in Canada, most of Siri’s feature don’t work. For now, I use it as a novelty at social gatherings. We all have fun saying stupid things to Siri.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never had a 4S on my hands, and I don’t think I have needed one. Yeah, Siri is great, it’s innovative, not only it was able to keep up with Android’s service of the same fashion, but some might even say it is better. But in my opinion, I’d have to completely LOSE MY MIND if I ever bought a 4S just for Siri (because truth be told, only thing people talk about is Siri, not 8MP camera or A5 processor).

    I just think it is WAY too overrated, and that the upgrade is simply not worth it. Hell, if I did have Siri, I would NEVER see myself talking to the phone, telling it what to do (it seems creepy to me, but then again, that’s just me). Voice Control, which is in no way a match to Siri, I haven’t used that more than 5 times. I just don’t agree that Voice Recognition is THE FUTURE, as most would say now, just because THE OH SO HOLY APPLE RELEASED SIRI.

    It is more like a trend, and it is more likely to fade away soon. Even harder it would be for me to buy a 4S, given the fact that I’m underage, and find it really hard to get money (hell, $699 in my goddamn country). Anyway, I don’t know why it would, but I hope my opinion doesn’t hurt you, 4S enthusiasts.

    Good luck 🙂

  • i’m glad i didn’t upgrade to a 4s. My mate got a 4s and i’ve looked at it and tried it but to be honest, at the moment i don’t feel like i’m missing anything cool.
    hopefully iphone5 will be a real improvement.
    Apple lovers, SHUT UP! I like the iphone, it’s not perfect but i like it and am in no way an apple lover plugging and promoting every little thing about that company making them sound like the most amazing company ever to have existed.
    I can’t believe companies are allowed to sell any product that is not fully functional. It’s a disgrace to be honest and i hope a law is passed about this. Number one is the customer NOT the fat companies.

  • Anonymous

    I think the primary problem is that Apple chose to make Siri an iPhone 4S exclusive. Given we know it would run just as well on an iPhone4 (as most of the computing is done by Apple’s servers) it’s a pretty misleading introduction of a half-baked product, that can only use it’s location features in the USA. It’s actually more like alpha than beta when you think about it’s limited capabilities at the moment (I know it will get better in time, but that’s not the point).

    If they had made it available to the iPhone4 and iPad2 (at the very least) and clearly marked it as an optional beta feature of iOS5, a lot of us would have been happily been guinea pigs while Apple used our data and error reports to improve the service. However by launching it alongside a new product, and making it an iPhone 4S exclusive (along with the heavy advertising of how amazing it is) they’re clearly making it look like a premium service that can only run on the latest hardware.

    I realise Apple needed a wow factor to differentiate the iPhone 4S from the iPhone4, but the A5 chip, HSPA+, superior antenna and world phone capabilities (and the introduction of Siri as an optional beta option for everyone on iOS5) would have been enough to focus on IMHO.

    I don’t own an iPhone 4S but I’d still really like Siri to succeed, as it has some very impressive natural language capabilities. It just needs to be able to hook into apps and be opened up to 3rd party developers! We’ve already seen some amazing capabilities in the hacking community via using a proxy server, so let’s hope Apple turns Siri into the powerful service that’s as cool as we all want it to be.

  • Anonymous

    “Yes, it’s unusual for Apple to release a public beta of a product.”

    Come on, look at the first iPhone, i mean you can hardly call the first iPhone a smartphone?
    It was missing so many features that was standard on smartphone when it came out.
    yes it was innovative and new, but hardly a finished product?

    • Anonymous

      Well said.

    • This is irrelevant. You’re comparing a product with a feature.

      And the original iPhone was a finished product. It didn’t have many features that were considered standard at the time, but it was, and still is to me now, the most advanced and revolutionary phone ever. It redefined everything, forever.

  • I love Siri, shut up, bird brain.

  • Jon Garrett

    Apple is just like any other company, they’re not perfect. they make mistakes and they do release hardware and software plagued by problems. need proof, look at the iPhone 4 released with a faulty antenna and the 4S with a faulty battery and or OS.

  • richard Vallon Jr.

    Actually after three months of using Siri , it is often not working at all. So actually it is getting worse
    and I quit using it.