Since the iPhone 4S debuted in October, Sprint subscribers have been complaining about slow data speeds on the new handset. Several owners have been reporting dismal 3G download speeds of less than 1mbps on America’s third largest wireless network.

Sprint commented on the situation earlier this month, stating that it was taking the issue seriously. And it seems to have made good on its word, as CNET is reporting that the carrier has started rolling out network enhancements to fix the problem…

The company has been bulking up its network over the last few weeks, rolling out improvements to enhance iPhone performance. Sprint says that initial customer response to the improvements seem to be fairly positive, but a few users are still unsatisfied.

CNET shares some post-enhancement customer complaints:

“Some Sprint customers complained that they continue to see inconsistent and, at times, dramatically slow services. “I live in downtown Chicago and experience this constantly ever since I purchased the 4S,” said Gabriel Mayhugh, a musician who works for a nonprofit organization in Chicago. Mayhugh said he doesn’t get much more than 500kbps, with evening speeds dropping down to 200kbps. “I become so frustrated when my friends on Verizon open web pages in less than a quarter of the amount of time it takes me,” he said.”

Other customers are reporting similar issues, with some experiencing 3G download speeds as low as 70kbps. As you can imagine, this would make downloading applications a nightmare, and using Siri (arguably the handset’s biggest feature) nearly impossible.

CNET recently conducted a few tests around New York and found that its Sprint iPhone 4S outperformed Verizon’s model. We, on the other hand, found the Sprint’s version of the handset to be the slowest of the three carriers, so we definitely advise folks to research Sprint’s performance in their area before purchasing.

  • Still worst of the big 3. Just tested speeds twice. Up .7mbps down .6mbps . I live on the busiest street in the city.

    This quote is right download speeds around others including looking up maps of helping ppl with directions when they have AT&T or Verizon is just plain embarrassing. Not going to be with sprint much longer. Its true AT&T 3G is 3 times faster than Sprint

  • Sprint is falsely advertising 3G…. considering 3G needs to fall within a specific performance spectrum. Sprint falls short! so that means they are not living up to there end of the contract. If your phone says its running in 3G it should be getting 3G and nothing less.

  • Anonymous

    3G is dead in 2 years, with 4G LTE no one would be complaining about slowness

    • That’s if the carriers make their whole networks 4G LTE… Some people may pick a carrier not knowing the reception they’ll get where they live and complain about it like we are seeing now and saw when AT&T first came out with 3G.

  • I get down of 700-1000kbps and up of 600-800kbps and sometimes up goes up 1000kbps it’s not fast but I’m pleased

  • my t mobile lg g2x was faster changed to sprint for the unlimited data and if is not on WiFi i wont even use the internet its extremely slow as a first iphone user i thought it was the device and posted it on Facebook and everyone around me with sprint iphone told me it was in fact sprint i hate sprint whats the use of having unlimited data if the data itself its limited